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Up to 300 Swedes fighting with Islamic State: official

UN expands anti-spying resolution to include metadata collection

British intelligence could not have stopped soldier's murder: report

British intelligence could not have stopped soldier's murder - report

Israel says Hamas planned to assassinate Lieberman in West Bank

NSA chief warns Chinese cyber attacks could shut US infrastructure

Clapper to publish numbers of secret spying orders

US posts in Muslim world will remain closed

New Snowden documents say NSA can break common Internet encryption

Chilly reception for Kerry in Brazil, Colombia?

NZ protesters turn out to oppose spy bill

House narrowly rejects effort to halt NSA program

Intel chief: Spying on allies is two-way street

Australian embassies used to spy: reports

Spy scandal another blow to fretting US allies

Small plane crash in Romania unleashes public ire

Obama likely to accept change in spying on leaders

Obama clips NSA's wings but bulk collection to continue

US spies to remain 'interested' in foreign govts: Obama

ACLU sues government over international calls

US speeds up drone, missile deliveries to aid Iraq

Gov't, Internet companies reach deal on disclosure

Intel chief calls on Snowden to return documents

US spy chief tells Snowden to return NSA documents

Germany summons US envoy over Merkel phone spy claims

Obama may ban surveillance of foreign allied leaders

Finland: Foreign Ministry hacked from abroad

Defence minister to be quizzed in Jakarta

CIA 'spying' on Americans' financial data

Oversight board concerned about NSA surveillance

Snowden charge 'intimidation': Assange

Obama meets with privacy, civil liberties panel

By taking in Snowden, Ecuador would defy US again

NSA leaker charged with espionage, theft

What's the problem with PRISM?

Internet privacy advocates demand data surveillance transparency from...

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reveals 'indirect' contact with PRISM...

Web giants get broader surveillance revelations

Secret program leaker Snowden goes dark in HK

AP IMPACT: Snowden's life surrounded by spycraft

Cuba backs Snowden asylum offers from allies

Snowden affair chills US-Latin American ties

US surveillance, Syria at issue on defense bill

Bradley Manning acquitted of aiding the enemy

German, US officials vow to mend ties after spying scandal

Surveillance of pollies dangerous: Palmer

UN passes anti-spying resolution

Indonesia recalls ambassador to Australia in spying row

Taliban start spring Afghan offensive with bombing

Israeli spy saga raises press freedom questions

Congress considers putting limits on drone strikes