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Running on empty in Yemen

Nepal faces fuel shortage in wake of massive quake

Kerry says Yemen not yet a failed state, seeks peace talks

Chipotle says removal of GMO ingredients from food complete

Relief goods for Nepal quake victims held up, remote areas awaiting aid

Saudi-led air strikes on Yemen kill civilians, Houthis rally against Riyadh

More Australians than ever struggling to pay rent: Anglicare

Prayers for Nepal quake victims

Thousands still missing after Nepal quake

Saudis pound arms depots in Yemen as bread, medicine run short

Venezuela raises minimum wage 30 pct amid raging inflation

Hundreds of families trapped by fighting in Yemen's Aden

The Latest on Nepal: $1,000 for each family of those killed

Indian circuses struggle to adapt after court bans

Wine aged in Charleston Harbor recovered

Venezuelans scrambling to find scarce toilet paper

Scholars find cannibalism at Jamestown settlement

Baby food shortage in Europe due to China demand

Review: Pinterest update cleaner, easier to manage

Election council to audit vote in Venezuela

AP EXCLUSIVE: NKorea relaxes controls on salaries

Japan PM's biggest test on economy still to come

Maduro certified as election winner amid protests

Venezuela's Capriles: Maduro won't last

Outside Caracas, Chavismo's unfulfilled promises

Despite tensions, NKorea readies for festivities

WA prison riot probe told of abuse, hunger

Egypt's fuel crisis adds to its economic woes

Maduro leans on Chavez's charisma for popularity

High prices expected for Maine elver season

Venezuela's opposition ground down by Chavistas

Opponents of supermarket wine decry referendums

Crews corral cruise ship that tore loose in Ala.

Tough times ahead in post-Chavez Venezuela

Europe's financial crisis leads to suicide surge

Gulf leads UN appeal for major boost in Syrian aid

Bank closure leaves Cyprus businesses high and dry

Moscow to start evacuating Russians from Syria

'No honey', beekeepers facing worst season in 50 years

SKorea, US begin drills as NKorea threatens war

Federal workers brace for furloughs

Venezuela sharply devalues its currency

Venezuelan politics heating up in Chavez's absence

Flood residents frustrated by food shortages

Lack of flour hurting Venezuela bakeries

Insight: Largely out of sight, U.S. budget sequester still cuts deep

Venezualan media in firing line

Chile marks 40th anniversary of Pinochet's coup

Conflict, an alleged chemical attack, and fallout

Russia potash row seen causing market tumult and a price drop

Talks to resolve power crisis fail in south India

Robots to revolutionize farming, ease labor woes

Opposition condemns Syrian rebel blockade

Election: future food production

Venezuela gov't lawmaker hurls gay slurs at foes

World food aid chief warns against 'donor fatigue'

Malaysia university's honour for N. Korea leader draws flak

Syrian army siege east of capital tightens as food, supplies dwindle

Go For the Food: Home grown in Atlanta

India should raise diesel prices more than 9 percent - panel

Warming report sees violent, sicker, poorer future

Israeli, Palestinian talks intensifying: Kerry

Car bomb, clashes kill over 30 near Syrian capital

No Eid holiday for hungry Damascus children

Indian IT outsourcers want a bigger byte out of Europe

Rice looted in Philippines amid aid shortage

Conn. victims: Lively youngsters, devoted adults

Storm will keep financial markets closed Tuesday

AP survey: Economic ills may defy next president

Japan central bank ups asset buys to aid economy

Cuba campaign takes on 'free' health care

US horse rescues overwhelmed by abandoned animals

Syrian countryside gives vital support to rebels

U.N. falls short of feeding Syria's hungry as winter bites

U.N. falls short of feeding Syria's hungry as winter bites

Hamas cancels anniversary rally over economic woes

Economic experiment shows limits of NKorean change

Witness: Picking up the pieces in the Philippines

U.N. says it abandons aid delivery after Syria insisted on dangerous route

UN says it abandons aid delivery after Syria insisted on dangerous route

Zimbabwe to press ahead with platinum export ban

Water a pressing concern for typhoon survivors