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Texas House provisionally approves abortion law

Hundreds protest Texas abortion restrictions

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What's a filibuster?

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Filibuster fight: Senators scrapping over nominees

Senate approves Obama-pick McCarthy to head EPA

Filibuster showdown may be averted, Sen. Reid says

News laws kick in around nation on July 1

Senate clears hurdle for Labor secretary nominee

Texas abortion providers fear major shutdowns

For 2014 elections, abortion returns to forefront

Sudanese children 'hostage' to warring parties

THE RESET: GOP is pushing state election changes

Government standing by Speaker despite criticism from key independent and...

US gay rights gains piling up battles still ahead

Tough task for those compensating ill 9/11 workers

Dems, GOP fight brewing over curbing filibusters

Sessions unopposed in primary or general election

Republicans caution that Senate control has limits

In memoir, Texas' Wendy Davis reveals abortion

GOP cautions that Senate control would have limits

Texas runoff vote may be end for Lt. Gov. Dewhurst

Wendy Davis going beyond Texas for campaign bucks

Partisan gridlock robs senators of feel-good laws

Senators delay carbon tax repeal vote

Democrats get help from Massachusetts Sen. Warren

Brawl in Taiwan's parliament over China trade pact

Debt vote in Senate kept from public view

Taiwan MPs stage fast to protest at China trade pact

US appeals court upholds new Texas abortion rules

Unemployment benefits bill headed to House

Senator seeks records on military sex crimes

Discontented voters hand Senate to Republicans

Energy seen getting biggest boost from Republican Senate

Republicans mull strategy if they control Congress

McConnell: Republican armtwister seizes Senate brass ring

Congress finishes up, its members still grumbling

Senate panel approves Keystone bill despite veto threat

White House says it will veto bill to approve oil pipeline

Boehner in line for 3rd term as speaker GOP readies agenda

Obama says he's 'determined as ever' for gun bill

Snowe presses for bipartisanship in new book

Texas Republicans on verge of passing abortion law

Texas abortion bill falls after challenge

Perry, Texas GOP revive abortion limits fight

GOP splits over immigration and terrorism play out

Americans yawn at budget cut hype

Neb. Legislature advances bill to study tax system

Obama withdraws appeals court pick

Senator Rand Paul Ends Filibuster

Paul energizes supporters with Senate filibuster

Senate panel votes to approve Obama's CIA nominee

Senate GOP blocks Hagel vote for now