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Bradley Manning trial begins 3 years after arrest

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Sergeant accused of sexually assaulting soldiers

NY prosecutor to fund rape kit testing nationally

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Twitter parody plays differently in middle America

Suspect in Virginia student disappearance tied to 2002 rape probe

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AG urges restoring voting rights to ex-inmates

Pennsylvania high court won't hear Sandusky appeal

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Ind. team leads fight against child pornography

Bradley Manning-WikiLeaks case turns to sentencing

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In GM bankruptcy, an ex-con and hedge funds find common ground

Ex-coach: I thought I was dating Zumba prostitute

Indiana 'sextortionist' gets 40-year sentence

Woman killed, child raped in NY mall carjacking

Army GI says he leaked secrets to spark war debate

US indicts Japan base worker for sex abuse

Rape convictions fall sharply in Germany

ICC convicts DR Congo militia boss of war crimes

Life or death? Arias set for sentencing retrial

Lawyer: Manning wanted to enlighten US about war

Utah woman charged with murder in baby deaths

Insight - In GM bankruptcy, an ex-con and hedge funds find common ground

Utah woman charged with murder in baby deaths

Alleged serial killings highlight GPS limits

Mexico declares group home owner mentally unfit

Prosecutor: Manning dumped info into enemy hands

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NY murder-rape suspect removed monitor quickly

Ex-soldier convicted of killing Iraqi family dies

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