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Tax Day extra difficult for many US same-sex married couples

Guam attorney general orders gay marriage to move forward

LGBT-rights group urges Guam governor to allow gay marriage

Tax Day extra difficult for many same-sex married couples

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Stories of love, life, death in high court gay marriage case

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French protest against gay marriage turns violent

Denver Post wins Pulitzer for coverage of massacre

No vote for gay marriage bill before poll

Tasmania signs on to disability scheme

PROMISES, PROMISES: When Obama's promises conflict

NSW opposition backs premier's gay stand

Ex-bishop's widow wants optional priestly celibacy

Australia urged to follow NZ on same-sex marriage

SA minister moved by NZ gay marriage vote

Killer mum may be blocked from Aust return

Govt legacy focus of final parliament week

Gay couples could see windfalls from court action

New generation of governors seeking the limelight

Domenici acknowledges having son outside marriage

Obama considers weighing in on gay marriage case

Group 'sorry' Bush wants out of gay-marriage ads

Obama urges justices to overturn gay marriage ban

DNA confirms skull that of NC disabled girl

No confidence motion put forward over MRRT

Pa. Sen. Casey says he now supports gay marriage

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High court skeptical of federal marriage law

Lawmakers rush to catch up on gay marriage

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City Council speaker launches NYC mayoral bid

Thousands of women sue over surgical mesh

'Sister Wives' lawsuit back in Utah courtroom

Ex-SC Gov. Sanford done apologizing, ready to run

Federal court hears 'Sister Wives' lawsuit

Ron Paul's GOP legacy growing in states like Iowa

NYC Opera to file for bankruptcy

Man groomed fake 14-year-old girl online

Leighton Holdings accused of paying bribes in Iraq

Supreme Court term begins with contentious topics

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