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Libya's Haftar appointed army chief for recognized government

Libya's Haftar appointed army chief for recognised government

Lesotho votes in bid to overcome tension

Party of Lesotho's prime minister ahead in election

U.S. ambassador meets Yemen's Hadi in Aden

Syria agrees to UN fact-finding mission in Aleppo

Saudi ambassador moves to Aden from Houthi-controlled capital - Hadi aide

UN envoy to Yemen disappointed by Shiites rebels' stance

Saudi ambassador moves to Aden from Houthi-controlled capital: Hadi aide

Activists say al-Qaida fighters overrun Syrian rebel bases

Mass anti-immigrant rallies in Rome

Zimbabwe's Mugabe to celebrate 91st birthday

Egypt courts list Hamas as terrorist group, give Brotherhood leader life

Libya asks U.N. for arms, jets, tanks to battle Islamic State - letter

Boehner defends his U.S. House leadership amid conservative unrest

Argentina to purge disloyal spies from intelligence agency - sources

No clear signs of deal to fund Homeland Security Department

Mexican police grab latest Zetas leader in wealthy suburb

Islamic State under pressure as Kurds seize Syrian town

The mysterious Mr. Ri returns, urbane survivor of North Korea purge

Argentina to purge disloyal spies from intelligence agency: sources

Insight: Why Nigeria's restive oil region will only accept Jonathan

Rise of pragmatic Arab politician shakes up Israeli politics

Insight - Why Nigeria's restive oil region will only accept Jonathan

UN General Assembly approves Syria resolution

Leading candidates in Iran's presidential race

Culture war in Israel targets ultra-Orthodox Jews

Suicide blast in Syrian capital kills at least 15

Qatar faces backlash among rebel groups in Syria

New Italian premier urges EU to focus on growth

Greens bid Ferguson good riddance

Feeney to run for Batman seat

Slow French Open start for Nadal Sharapova wins

Syria Muslim Brotherhood denies seeking power grab

Syrian rebel group pledges allegiance to al-Qaida

US expected to increase aid to Syrian rebels

Israeli president handed lineup for government

Before the conclave, horse-trading has begun

Turkey links Syria to deadly car bombing at border

Congo says agreement not likely with rebel group

Australia blacklists terror group in Syria

New pope's views bind simplicity with 'complexity'

4 campaign for Asia's top job ahead of May 2 vote

Austrian cardinal: a conservative open to reform

Fed ministers stayed at Obeid lodge

Labor risks irrelevance: Nathan Rees

Pakistani tribesmen pushing Taliban to talk peace

Palestinians, Israelis clash at solidarity strike

Clashes mark Bahrain's second uprising anniversary

Israel reopens Gaza border crossings

NJ professor's quixotic quest to be Iran president

Gulf leads UN appeal for major boost in Syrian aid

Does a leadership spill 'clear the air'?

Barack Obama's second inaugural address

Ousted Speaker agrees to go quietly

Legacy in mind, Obama aides form web of influence

Gore sued over Current TV sale to Al-Jazeera

West Bank students attack British diplomat