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Tornado took town's youngest as it swept through

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FA charges Liverpool striker Luis Suarez for bite

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Buddhist mobs spread fear among Myanmar's Muslims

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Anti-Putin activist Alexei Navalny ready for trial

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Israelis plan to press Obama to free convicted spy

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Indiana teacher suspended over anti-gay remarks

More tests needed in LA hotel water tank death

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In death, Facebook photos could fade away forever

Search for fugitive ex-cop sets region on edge

Mass. police: No decision on charges in bus crash

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Australia is a nation of cat people

Perth cinema's mouse woes go back years

Lawmakers rush to catch up on gay marriage

Palestinian leader clamps down on critics

Public trust in government, business leaders falls

Legacy in mind, Obama aides form web of influence

Gay colonel condemns ADF abuse 'neglect'

Jenneke asked to provide injury details

EU fines Microsoft $733M for breaking browser pact

Chavez widely mourned, but some hope change on way

Filipino cardinal stirs papal talk with rapid rise

2 NJ men sue Subway over short footlong sandwiches

Blogger contests ex-cheerleader's libel suit

Social media 'investigators' tainting court evidence

Motoring senator to drive road education

Technical glitch gives Iranians access to Facebook, Twitter, official says

Juratowitch stands tall to win ANTM

Indian film "Kill the Rapist?" explores women's revenge

Halloween attractions asking guests to take part

Twitter IPO big pay day for investors

In IPO, Twitter seeks to be 'anti-Facebook'

La. town turns to healing after hostage standoff

Who'll replace Nasdaq CEO Greifeld

Dunkin' Donuts apologizes for blackface advert

Abbott promises not to shut down Labor's Medicare Locals during Rooty Hill...

The Liberal candidate for Bass lashes out at parachute election leaflet

Paralyzed Nasdaq opted for caution over speed in restoring trade

Economy debate piques interest on Facebook

'Boyfriend Tracker' app raises stir in Brazil

Obama relying on untested oversight board on NSA

Top Brotherhood figures seized in Egypt sweep

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