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Euro zone trade surplus jumps year-on-year in September on stronger exports

French Factories Slump Deepens as Economic Weakness Persists

Draghi throws ECB door open to money printing as global prospects dim

Eurozone slides back into recession

Austerity protests stall several European nations

Recession 'taking hold' in Eurozone, OECD says

Eurozone recovery proves elusive

News Summary: Euro area unemployment at 12 percent

Euro zone price inflation hits trough in May

Luxury giant Richemont net profits up despite slowing China sales

Eurotunnel confirms targets despite 1H loss

Once a European star, Sweden heads to vote with reform fatigue

Eurozone unemployment, inflation data paint mixed picture

Polish countryside sheds cliches over decade in EU

Euro zone inflation drops to lowest since 2009

Eurozone jobless, inflation rates steady

EU-IMF creditors back in Greece for debt talks

No Brie for Moscow as cheeses stack up in France after ban

Euro zone second quarter labour costs jump despite stalling economy

Greek Recession Eases as Country Nears End to Six-Year Slump

Spain blames Ebola infection on human error as nurse worsens

Draghi's morality tale resonates as Euro-area recovery grinds

Euro zone inflation edges up to dim chance of new ECB action

ECB fails 25 banks in test as capital hole lurks in Italy

Euro zone Sept retail sales much weaker than expected

Eurozone retail sales suffer sharp drop in September

Eurostar bets on new trains and destinations to win passengers

Eurostar marks 20th anniversary with new e320 fleet

Eurozone inflation holds steady at 2.2 percent

Unemployment risks creating new divide in Europe

Eurozone debt burden stuck amid low growth

Eurozone recovery hopes raised again

Rare good news for eurozone economy

Drugs, sex and alcohol could boost nations' economic growth

Falling prices on radar as euro inflation drops again

Fading Eurozone crisis coloured by wishful thinking

Greece considers new bond sale

Euro zone retail sales surprise with a month on month rise in March

Euro zone Sept core inflation revised to 0.8 percent year on year from 0.7...

Euro zone inflation slows in September, weakens euro vs dollar

Euro zone retail sales much stronger than expected in August

Spain boasts Europe-beating growth, raises forecasts

Ukraine warns Europe of Russian gas cut-off, Moscow denies

Euro zone wage rises slow pace, August inflation cools

IMF sees emerging economies vulnerable to U.S. tapering

European Union Q2 growth revised upward slightly

Eurozone recovery losing steam, new data suggests

Debate rages over whether deflation 'ogre' is real

Greece to reach key budget target for 2013

Reality TV show sparks row over welfare dependency