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Vietnam seizes over 1,000 dead endangered sea turtles

Birds around the world take flight

Orange bellied parrots' wild population doubles after scientific recovery...

Forestry Tasmania under community pressure not to log regrowth timber coupe

Philippines convicts Chinese poachers despite Beijing's warnings

Tiger shark caught in drum line at Yeppoon

Surrogate sushi: Japan biotech for bluefin tuna

'Horrific' record 1,020 rhino killed in South Africa

Cambodian capital's only working elephant to retire in jungle

Great apes facing 'direct threat' from palm oil farming

Marine wildlife deaths prompt call to remove shark nets from beaches

Marine wildlife deaths prompt call to remove shark nets from beaches

Wildlife devastated in South Sudan war: conservationists

Annual bird counts give scientists climate clues

Ranchers split over US border security plan

Rihanna poses with protected primate in Thailand

Office workers ditch desks in digital age

Video to show lives of Hawaiian monk seals

Massive Palmer coal mine a step closer

Elephants face extinction, football star Yaya Toure warns

Kanye West, gorilla fur hit Paris

Romania suspends hydropower projects in protected areas

Pouch-surfing could save wallabies

Texas Rhino hunt auction winner fears for safety

Loss of large carnivores hurts ecosystems: study

Chinese ivory smuggler gets record sentence after Kenya trial

London Zoo announces birth of endangered tiger cub

13 Vietnamese arrested in Philippines over sea turtles

Fashion firm Loro Piana eyes future after takeover

Almost 500 protected turtles found in Thai airport bags

Help at hand to relocate threatened species

New baby giraffe and hippos born at Mexican zoo

Virtual fencing the future of farming: US expert

Dutch fishermen give eels new lease of life

Coalition changes environment protection laws

Government accused of deliberately driving endangered possum to extinction

Experts warn Victorian logging laws may drive Leadbeater's possum to...

First Person: Baby Falcons on a New York Bridge

Congo's 'forest giraffe' on brink of extinction

Three-week window for Basin listing review

Scientists decode DNA of 'living fossil' fish

Mums hurt babies with alcohol: study

Swanky beach enclave seeks relief from bird stench

Mich. governor OKs bill that could allow wolf hunt

Ex-Gov. Sanford seeks 2nd chance in South Carolina

Seal pup learning to swim again after amputation

Western environmentalists oppose wolf delisting

Britain's Charles and William urge end to illegal wildlife trade

US to crack down on ivory to protect elephants

Poachers massacre 68 elephants in Congo park

Ivory for sale in Angola big tuskers die in Kenya

Allegations of illegal land clearing at Iron Gates near Evans Head

Hong Kong begins destroying huge ivory haul

Study: 20,000 elephants poached in Africa in 2013

Works begin at Venture Minerals' Tarkine mine site

Prisoner swap raises questions in US and Afghanistan

Endangered turtles found 1200km from home rescued and released

Chinese pandas get red-carpet welcome in Belgium

Crowd-funded Australian scientists discover new mammal species

UN launches first global environmental assembly

Museums, musicians say ivory order hampers travel

Bird known for mating dance may decide Senate fate

Man 'expelled from Croatia for punching monk seal'

Iran tries to save Asiatic cheetah from extinction

UN: Ivory, charcoal funds criminal, terror groups

Western quoll returns to Flinders Ranges in South Australia after more...

Scientists dissect massive whale carcass in Canada

Scientists in India Discover 'Dancing Frogs'

Man convicted over orangutan, tiger skulls