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Japanese men charged for WA lizard smuggle

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Crack-down on challenges to environmental approvals

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Climate changes to result in bird, reptile shifts

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New leaders join veterans to head House committees

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Farmers in dry California decry decision involving appeals

Overgrazing roos threatening striped legless lizards in Canberra

Lonely zoo orca gets 'endangered' protection

Dead whale found at Seattle dock struck by ship propeller

Crop herbicides play a role in shrinking monarch population

Ringling Bros. circus to stop elephant acts by 2018

Alaska prepares for wood bison return after a century

US proposes taking humpbacks whales off endangered list

Agency proposes lifting protections for most humpback whales

Victoria Zoo uses $1 million bequest to help save Tasmanian devil

Mo. debate stalls environmental efforts on river

Alaska gas group to sue over listing of seals

Animal welfare groups sue to end Midwest wolf hunt

Environmentalists say there is an imbalance between mining and...

Africa risks losing 20 percent of elephants in 10 years

Navy expands sonar testing despite troubling signs

Federal government lists 2 ice seals as threatened

UN Security Council declares war on ivory poachers, traffickers

Minnow to be 1st fish taken off endangered list

Plans to use commercial fishers to catch and kill sharks off Perth beaches...

Idaho falconers channel history, hunt with raptors

AP source: Debbie Dingell to seek Mich. House seat

Manatees may lose endangered species status

Canberra nature lovers map out endangered species online

Lake Mac Council takes action against composting facility

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Conservationists seek nonlethal wolf controls

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China blamed as fishing case postponed in Philippines

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Study: Hatcheries can disrupt steelhead navigation