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Italy PM Renzi wins first confidence vote on electoral law

Italy's Renzi wins final confidence vote on electoral law

Italy's Renzi appeals to party rebels to pass electoral reform

Togo's president wins re-election

Benin president denies third term bid as vote proceeds

Italy's Renzi wins first confidence vote on electoral law

Chile president seeks to clean up politics, embark on new constitution

Nationalists to win all but two seats in Scotland, poll suggests

Chairman of Taiwan's ruling party visits mainland

From Churchill to 2010 coalition: UK elections in photos

Russia: U.N. Security Council should stay out of Burundi dispute

Milan Expo exposes rifts in Italy

Chris Bowen moves to support same-sex marriage

No Greek tears over "rock star" minister

Nationalists on track to win all Scottish seats in UK election, poll...

Russia - U.N. Security Council should stay out of Burundi dispute

Jeb Bush: Give 11 million immigrants chance to stay

Conservatives lead Labour by five points in new pre-election poll

Sheikh Ahmad joins FIFA's top table, Salman re-elected

Italy PM defies rebels with confidence vote on election law

Amid UK election, Paul Weller says he's fed up with politics

U.S. diplomat in Burundi amid anti-president protests

UK vote baffles voters, investors too

Special Report - For UK political donors, an unintended tax break

Special Report: For UK political donors, an unintended tax break

Burundi tells foreign envoys to stay neutral over unrest

IG: IRS takes significant steps to stop tea party targeting

As Philippine congressman, Pacquiao seen as underachieving

Bush, Rubio, bring Spanish fluency to 2016 campaign

Malaysian charged with sedition, 3 more arrested

Palmer United Party to be divided in Qld

Rand Paul's NSA rebukes could help or hurt in 2016

Debate over social issues emerges

Budget to include more money for big ticket items

Palmer unveils more election candidates

Rudd office protester's trial postponed

Carr silent on Malaysia fraud claims

House chairman sees IRS errors as part of pattern

Bulgarian center-right wins most of the votes

CSG fears aired for Lake Eyre Basin

Opposition noise on soundproofing grant

Federal MP to jump ship to join Palmer

MP Thomson gets partial stay of civil case

Iraq on edge after deadly raid on protest camp

Govt to deliver on schools, NDIS in budget

Italian policemen shot near new gov't swearing-in

Maduro Victory Spurs Protests in Venezuela

Pauline Hanson eyeing federal NSW seat

Xenophon wants Malaysia ban overturned

Outlaw gangs, NSW oppn tells O'Farrell

Collapse in Labor vote in six Vic seats

Duck hunting season nears end

Greiner calls for debate on GST

Voters missing from electoral roll

Qld selling 100 school properties

Qld MP accused of misleading parliament

Protests unite Turks across the social spectrum

Rudd would improve Labor chances: poll

Venezuela frees US filmmaker jailed as alleged spy

Rudd revels in rock star welcome

Obama eyes higher profile role on immigration

Pirate Party has electoral breakthrough in Iceland

Xenophon warns of Malaysia election fraud

Election council to audit vote in Venezuela

Iraqis go to polls for first time since US pullout

Napolitano re-elected Italy's president

Greens bid Ferguson good riddance