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Togo's president wins re-election

Early Togo election results give president lead rival cries foul

Labour leads Conservatives by two points ahead of election - Panelbase

Britain's Conservatives take one-point lead ahead of election: YouGov

Conservatives take one-point lead ahead of election - YouGov

Egypt's Sisi says parliamentary election to be held before year-end: El...

Egypt's Sisi says parliamentary election to be held before year-end - El...

Kazakhstan's longtime leader secures crushing election win

Togo President Gnassingbe wins election - provisional result

Obama unlikely to unveil Keystone move during Canada election: sources

Togo election peaceful, with turnout low, observers say

Kazakh voters had only limited choice in election - OSCE

Britain's Labour has one-point lead ahead of election: YouGov

Labour has one-point lead ahead of election - YouGov

Conservatives one point ahead of Labour before UK election - Opinium poll

Scottish nationalists eye 'enormous clout' in next UK government

Suriname promise to vote for Van Praag in FIFA election

From Churchill to 2010 coalition: UK elections in photos

Kazakh leader apologizes for 97.7 percent re-election victory

Statistician Nate Silver says UK election could be 'messy' - BBC

British economy slows ahead of general election

Turkey rebukes newly-elected Turkish Cypriot leader

Britain's Sun newspaper comes out for Cameron's Conservatives in election

5,000 small firms back Conservatives ahead of elections - Telegraph

FTSE lifted by Lloyds and miners but election nerves start to show

Sudan's al-Bashir re-elected with 94 percent of vote

Qatari Al Mohannadi withdraws from FIFA Exco race

Possible kingmakers Liberal Democrats demand post-election stability budget

Sudanese President Bashir re-elected with 94 percent of vote

Bangladesh opposition boycotts mayoral elections, calls them rigged

Bangladeshi opposition leader says will retaliate if election is rigged

Alberta voters may end ruling party's 44-year run after oil plunge

Nationalists on track to win all Scottish seats in UK election, poll...

Conservatives take one point lead ahead of election - YouGov poll

Sheikh Ahmad joins FIFA's top table, Salman re-elected

Britain's Conservatives take one point lead ahead of election: YouGov poll

Nick Clegg set to lose seat in election - poll

Protests after Burundi leader is nominated for a third term

Togo counts votes as president seeks third term

Kazakh veteran leader Nazarbayev wins new term by a landslide

Labour and Conservatives tied at 35 percent ahead of election - ComRes poll

Labour takes three-point lead over Conservatives ahead of UK election -...

Leftist Akinci wins north Cyprus election, seeking peace deal

Primary colors: Britain chooses artist to chronicle election

FTSE climbs to record high in face of election uncertainty

Conservatives lead Labour by five points in new pre-election poll

Up or down? Bank views of UK assets after election

UK growth slowdown to put economy back in election spotlight

UK leaders make last televised pre-election appeal to voters

Kingmaker Sheikh Ahmad to take first step towards FIFA throne

Re-elected Kazakh leader reappoints trusted PM as growth slows

Nationalists to win all but two seats in Scotland, poll suggests

Benin president's party loses seats in parliamentary vote

Labour Party aims focus on family budgets ahead of elections - FT

A glance at Vietnamese-American community 40 years after war

Rupert Murdoch says Scottish self rule inevitable 'in next few years'

Burundi still tense with protests as US sends diplomat

New constitution for Turkey "an inevitable necessity" - top judge

Cameron's Conservatives lead Labour by six points - Ashcroft poll

Slowing UK recovery is election issue

Blatter praises Asian soccer for moving out of murky waters

Labour Party pledges to control rents if elected on May 7

Spanish PM Rajoy upbeat on economy as election race heats up

Cameron says only his party can save the United Kingdom

UK consumer confidence falls as election nears - YouGov/Cebr