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Lawyer: NSA leaker Edward Snowden wants to return home

"I would love to go back" -- Snowden

Fugitive ex-NSA contractor Snowden seeks to come home: lawyer

Fugitive ex-NSA contractor Snowden seeks to come home - lawyer

Snowden says U.S. not offering fair trial if he returns

New Zealand spying on Pacific neighbours and Indonesia: Snowden documents

Huawei, Intel expand tie-up amid China's rising scrutiny of U.S. tech firms

Norway's Nobel Peace Prize committee replaces chairman

China drops leading tech brands for certain state purchases

China says tech firms have nothing to fear from anti-terror law

Exclusive - Obama sharply criticizes China's plans for new technology rules

China draft counterterror law strikes fear in foreign tech firms

Exclusive: Obama sharply criticizes China's plans for new technology rules

Obama sharply criticizes China's plans for new technology rules

Obama pitches privacy bill, Democrats say it falls short

Exclusive - Obama sharply criticises China's plans for new technology rules

US secrets leaker has options to stay in Hong Kong

US spy programs raise ire both home and abroad

'Watch Dogs' video game a sign of the times

Congress briefed on US surveillance programs

Report: NSA contract worker is surveillance source

US leaker not welcome in NZ: John Key

Journalist in US surveillance case: More to come

Contractors Under New Scrutiny After NSA Leak

Editor says NSA leaker remains in Hong Kong

Jailed Belarusians, Malala, Snowden shortlisted for Sakharov prize

Internet experts want security revamp after NSA revelations

Snowden among finalists for EU human rights prize

Report: NSA cracked most online encryption

Russian lawmakers call off U.S. trip after Congress snub

Report says DNA test verified bin Laden's identity

Report says DNA test verified bin Laden's identity

Box Office: 'One Direction: This Is Us' should be no. 1 - but can it touch...

Together again, Obama and Putin are 'odd couple' at summit

Report: NSA can access most smartphone data

Internet companies in new effort to disclose more on NSA requests

Brazil leader slams alleged Canadian spying

US targeted Indian diplomats with sophisticated bugs: report

AP Interview: Putin warns West on Syria action

New US ambassador arrives in Brazil amid tensions

For Obama, Brazil decision hurts standing in world

Facebook gives user data to Aust govt

United Nations says will contact United States over spying report

Officials: Obama trip about G-20, not Russia

Russian, NORAD forces unite for exercise

4 Americans meet Snowden to give him an award

Snowden's father in Russia, hoping for reunion with son

Brazil demands Canada explain spying allegations

Ex-wrestler vows to clear Snowden, Manning as president

Britain operates secret monitoring station in Middle East - report

Cuba's Raul Castro backs asylum offers for Snowden

Snowden reporter: Won't be silenced by detention

Ex-Soviet hackers play outsized role in cyber crime world

NSA admits rare willful surveillance violations

Partner of reporter at center of NSA leak detained

For leak, Bradley Manning gets stiffest punishment

'Boyfriend Tracker' app raises stir in Brazil

Obama relying on untested oversight board on NSA

Russia: no asylum application from Snowden

Greenwald: Snowden Has NSA Blueprint

Snowden says he wants asylum in Russia

Clapper unscathed after 'erroneous' remarks

Journalist: Edward Snowden has 'blueprints' to NSA