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Paris attacks 'despite mass surveillance': Snowden

Snowden documents show UK spies stored journalists' emails: report

Snowden documents show UK spies stored journalists' emails - report

China calls Snowden's stealth jet hack accusations 'groundless'

UK spy agency GCHQ 'tapped journalists' emails'

Pentagon says classified data on U.S. F-35 jet fighter program remains...

Ex-UK spy chief says new accord needed with technology firms to stop...

US spies tapped North Korean computers prior to Sony attack

Ex-UK spy chief says accord needed with tech firms to stop terrorism

Nearly every U.S. arms program found vulnerable to cyber attacks

China has never asked Huawei to spy

Obama abandons telephone data spying reform proposal: U.S. officials

General Dynamics sees more demand for 'insider' cyber protection

Financial Intelligence Grows as U.S. Weapon to Fight ‘Bad Guys’

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'Watch Dogs' video game a sign of the times

Congress briefed on US surveillance programs

Report: NSA contract worker is surveillance source

US leaker not welcome in NZ: John Key

Journalist in US surveillance case: More to come

Contractors Under New Scrutiny After NSA Leak

Editor says NSA leaker remains in Hong Kong

Jailed Belarusians, Malala, Snowden shortlisted for Sakharov prize

Internet experts want security revamp after NSA revelations

Snowden among finalists for EU human rights prize

Report: NSA cracked most online encryption

Russian lawmakers call off U.S. trip after Congress snub

Report says DNA test verified bin Laden's identity

Report says DNA test verified bin Laden's identity

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Together again, Obama and Putin are 'odd couple' at summit

Report: NSA can access most smartphone data

Internet companies in new effort to disclose more on NSA requests