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Spanish PM Rajoy upbeat on economy as election race heats up

Charity, solidarity arise in anti-foreigner attacks in South Africa

U.S. and Vietnam saddle up and get comfy

Obama accuses China of flexing muscle in disputes with neighbors

Obama accuses China of flexing muscle in disputes with neighbours

Kerry visits Sri Lanka, pledges support for new government

Problems facing poor inch into 2016 presidential race

Problems facing US poor creep into 2016 presidential race

Harbaugh, Lewis, Ravens visit schools in riot-torn Baltimore

Russians seethe over Western snub of war anniversary parade

Despite protests, Expo 2015 a potential diplomatic setting

Peaceful Baltimore demonstrators praise top prosecutor

Saudi king resets succession to cope with turbulent times

HSBC's HQ rethink: taxes and China relationship hold key to decision

Latest on Baltimore protests: Thousands march across US

Payrolls to test second quarter climate for Fed

North Korean leader sends special envoy to China

Japan-India summit aims at nuke technology talks

US officials start talks on arming Syria's rebels

Despite tension, NKorea lets in tourists, athletes

Turkey says it won't be drawn into Syria conflict

Falling yen to make Japan's goods more affordable

NKorea: Detained American smuggled in propaganda

Prominent youth activist detained in Egypt

Italian policemen shot near new gov't swearing-in

Chinese company agrees to sell only Wis. ginseng

After violence, Egypt opposition presses Morsi

China skeptical of expanded US role in the Pacific

Myer lashed for CEO's disability comments

NKorea issues warning ahead of US-SKorea summit

US calls for NKorea amnesty for sentenced American

Fighting in Syria, Hezbollah charts risky course

NKorean envoy delivers letter to China's president

Chavez heir charges US is behind unrest over vote

UK in dark mood as new recession may be confirmed

US urges China collaboration on cyber intrusions

In slap at South, NKorea suspends work at factory

Vic treasurer hasn't seen finance report

Despite tensions, NKorea readies for festivities

Obama thanks Singapore PM for military cooperation

Zimbabwe to vote on new constitution

Workers protest to get EU leaders to end austerity

US lawmakers push for tougher NKorea sanctions

Egypt opposition leader calls for election boycott

China's Xi rides high hopes ahead of presidency

In Myanmar, answers to ethnic conflict elusive

Taiwan media kingpin pushes hard on China ties

EU says eurozone economy to shrink again in 2013

Italy behind rise in eurozone jobless to record

Armenian president re-elected, exit poll says

Islamist adviser to Egypt's president quits

Greece's weakened workforce starts to crack

Tunisian PM says new Cabinet needed during crisis

Attacks leave more than 50 dead in central Nigeria

Israel faces geopolitical tangle with natural gas

Angry Bundaberg residents can't inspect flood-hit homes

Obama, Netanyahu show solidarity on Iran

Gypsies flock to bridal fair as parents negotiate

Moscow to start evacuating Russians from Syria

Algeria attack poses fresh security issues

Vermont governor wants to forgive $6M from cities

Dow Record: Three tales of ups, downs and changes

UN sanctions may play into North Korean propaganda

Rare good news for eurozone economy

US condemns comments from Egypt's Morsi

Mexico president gambles with left-leaning reform

Italian PM warns of risks in crunch week for Berlusconi

Rouhani calls US a 'great' nation in sharp change

Obama talks with Mexico, Brazil leaders on NSA

Bashir, Kiir pledge to open new page in Sudan ties, keep oil running

India central bank to sell dollars to oil companies to shore up rupee

Analysis: Girding for battle as electronic derivatives trading revived

North Korea nuclear threat key concern at historic North East Asia Defence...

Dominican ruling strips many of citizenship

NK official says security needed to expand economy

White House talks fail to end government shutdown

Myanmar unrest raises stakes for growing tourist industry