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Japan, U.S. seek to seal free trade deal before summit

Kerry welcomes Greek foreign minister to Washington

Iran still respecting terms of interim nuclear deal - U.N. report

S&P downgrades Greece as creditor talks fail to progress

Iran still respecting terms of interim nuclear deal: U.N. report

China's Xi Jinping arrives in Islamabad

Euro working group to meet Wednesday, deal still sought: Greek official

Greece wants EU/IMF deal but impasse could bring referendum - deputy PM

Greece wants EU/IMF deal but impasse could bring referendum: deputy PM

Talks with Greece have gained momentum but still long way from target - IMF

Talks with Greece have gained momentum but still long way from target: IMF

Liberal Democrats hint Cameron's EU referendum plan negotiable

U.S. says might talk to Iran about regional stability, cites Syria

Japan and U.S. ministers to meet for trade talks before summit

Japan, U.S. say made significant trade progress before summit

IMF nations point to exchange rate, geopolitical risks

Japan, U.S. report progress on trade talks, though Tokyo stands tough on...

German minister: Too early to reward Iran over nuclear talks

Trade talks in Tokyo get push from 'fast-track' deal in US

Strike like it's 2011? Low copper prices loom large over wage talks

Venezuela receives new $5 billion loan from China

China's Xi Jinping to visit close ally Pakistan

Chinese president to launch economic corridor link in Pakistan

World finance leaders see threats ahead for global economy

Opposition centrists win Finland election, face tough talks

Spanish official slams Greece, says time 'running out'

Austrian president 'likely' to visit Iran this year

Breakaway Turkish Cypriots pick leader as peace talks loom

Turkish Cypriot leadership election to go into 2nd round

China warns Taiwan opposition as it names presidential candidate

Khamenei says Iran nuclear weapons are U.S. 'myth'

Greek default fears weighing on European markets

Clinton defends family foundation from charges of favoritism

In Cuba, New York Governor Cuomo seeks to open doors to trade

IMF sends Greece a tough message

Protester rushes ECB chief Draghi at press conference

Greece mixes defiance, compromise as lending deal slips away

Japan's leader sends offerings to controversial war shrine

Putin confident on economy, offers to mend ties with West

Clinton Meets With Small Business Owners in Iowa

Austerity's legacy: British election focused on UK economy

Rubio backs compromise on Iran deal

U.S. lawmakers agree on wording of bill key to Pacific trade deal

Why it's proving hard to save Greece

With Iran deal, Washington shows it can work _ sometimes

G20 more upbeat on growth, but officials fret over Greece

Clinton patches relations with liberals at campaign's outset

Exclusive - U.S. Republican Jeb Bush to visit Germany, Estonia, Poland

Putin defiant over economy, Ukraine in annual phone-in

Republican Jeb Bush to visit Germany, Estonia, Poland

Boehner names allies to negotiate U.S. House-Senate joint budget

Fed survey finds US economy growing at moderate pace

IEA says oil supply boost may defer market tightening

Broadcast TV airwaves auction 'on track' for early 2016: FCC chief

No factory for old men - Hyundai Motor seeks to end seniority-based pay

Germans downbeat on chances of Greek deal next week

Clinton: Unfair that fund managers pay lower tax rate than truckers

Millionaire businessman wins Finland vote, eurosceptics take second place

Fleeing poverty, African teen migrants hope for better life in Europe

Millionaire businessman wins Finland vote, euroskeptics take second place

No factory for old men: Hyundai Motor seeks to end seniority-based pay

Truce tenuous as Ukraine leader tackles economy, oligarchs

Cuba fights public anger with reform in country's tense east

New restrictions in Lebanon mean Syrian refugees live in fear

S. Koreans doubt ferry sinking will inspire improved safety

Despite victory, Israeli leader struggling to form coalition

Civil War 'Silent Sentinels' still on guard in North, South

Pinto on 'Desert Dancer,' responsible roles and rape doc

Navajo voters head to polls in belated presidential election

Cameron says Labour-SNP power deal would be frightening

Christie proposes overhaul of Social Security benefits

Almonds get roasted in debate over California water use

Obama tells Congress he plans to remove Cuba from terrorism list