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Joe Biden in Guatemala to talk Central America funding

Moscovici says 'Grexit' would raise question - who's next?

Ghana president says expects 'positive outcome' of IMF talks

Kerry and Zarif hold second day of talks on Iran's nuclear program

China's central bank cuts rates again to boost economy

'Ship to Cuba' option shows up on amid diplomatic talks

Turkey's Erdogan to talk to central bank governor, warns of 'treason'

U.S. talks on fast track trade bill 'stuck' - senator

Bush: I'm a conservative, with a record of fiscal prudence

U.S., Cuba say progress made in talks no date for diplomatic ties

Budget and reform plans put Ukraine on track for IMF aid, says G7

Liberia calls for Ebola 'Marshall Plan' to rebuild economies

Kerry cautions Israel not to undercut Iran diplomacy as talks resume

Berlin backs Greek bailout extension

China says Sri Lanka loans made 'based on consensus'

Nasdaq closes above 5,000

Estonian premier aims for coalition talks to create new govt

Jeb Bush enters the lion's den, touts conservative credentials

Greece seeks negotiations on ECB bond repayment

Bush defends his conservative credentials ahead of CPAC

Pollution documentary attracts huge interest in China

Russia's Putin says he doesn't want rerun of gas rows with Ukraine

US, Cuba cite progress on restoring diplomatic ties

Conservatives renew immigration pledge ahead of election - May

Lukoil VP: Russia oil output to drop 8%

Yemen's Hadi says Saleh conspired with Iran to undermine power transfer...

Russia's Khodorkovsky: Putin is a 'naked king' facing economic ruin

Opposition leader in pre-election hot water for lauding Portugal's progress

Exxon CEO: Get used to lower oil prices

Despite Netanyahu claim, cheap oil not seen swaying Iran behavior

China hopes novice environment chief will be breath of fresh air

LA teachers, union leaders rally amid stalled talks

Possible elements in an Iran nuclear deal

Thoughts turn to recovery as Ebola slowly ebbs in West Africa

China hopes novice environment chief will be breath of fresh air

Bill would boost marketing of agriculture exports to Cuba

Cypriot president bids to take part in ECB's QE programme

US officials called 'terrorists' mock Venezuela travel ban

Venezuela tells U.S. embassy in Caracas: Cut staff by 80 percent

Britain's would-be finance ministers sum up stark choice for voters

China defence budget rise to defy slowing economy

U.S. Fed struggled with 2009 bailouts, bond-buying: transcripts

Venezuela to shrink US Embassy staff, require tourist visas

Ukraine's new US-born finance chief enduring baptism by fire

Spanish PM hits back at Greek accusation of anti-Athens 'axis'

China defense budget rise to defy slowing economy

Retail loan investors return as rate rises near

Egyptian court declares Hamas a 'terrorist' group

National monument supporters in California get antsy

Ex-CIA chief Petraeus to plead guilty, admits giving mistress secrets

Ex-CIA chief Petraeus to plead guilty, admits giving mistress secrets

Italy health cuts menace world leading awakenings centre

AP Exclusive: Wal-Mart CEO talks workers, customers, critics

Despite spat with US, Israeli leader fighting Iran nuke deal

Reality sinks in for many Cubans on eve of talks with US

Vegas, Macau help MGM Resorts beat 1Q expectations

SC slave cabin dismantled for Smithsonian display

China tightens grip on discourse, ideology

Fox show brings messy workplaces to television

North Korean leader sends special envoy to China

Global, local issues for Iran in upcoming election

Union power at issue as Garcetti elected LA mayor

Syria ex-minister leads rebuilding plan

Japan-India summit aims at nuke technology talks

EU gets deal on trans-Atlantic trade pact mandate

Indigenous water rights stir ripples in ranks

US officials start talks on arming Syria's rebels

Texas governor woos disgruntled Conn. gun makers

No clear result after Turkish PM, protesters meet