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Greek premier prepared European ground before vote gamble

Insight - Greek premier prepared European ground before vote gamble

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Greek polls show anti-bailout leftists still ahead but lead slips

Bush speaks in South Carolina, dropping 2016 hints

Shinzo Abe re-elected with two-thirds majority

Shinzo Abe re-elected with two-thirds majority

Greek PM Samaras falls short in first round presidential vote

Crucial Greek presidential vote fails in 1st round

Greek lawmaker alleges bribery attempt in presidential vote

Greek PM Samaras asks for support as key vote nears

Greek government faces first test in crucial presidential vote

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Liberia holds Senate vote amid Ebola fears

Election uncertainty likely to hinder FTSE in early 2015 - Reuters poll

Jihadists claim murders in 2013 of Tunisia secularists

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Republican wins US House seat, widening party's majority

Oil pipeline to top US Senate agenda next year

IMF holds backs Cyprus rescue cash

Catalan statesman Pujol to testify in court in tax probe