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Van Gogh copies in 3D look almost real, cost 25,000 euros

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Nigeria gunmen free two hostages, keep Dutch trio

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Today in History for May 4th

Van Gogh Museum reopens with display on his craft (dupe of article#265161)

Van Gogh exhibit blames society, not artist, for his madness

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Record crowds flock to Dutch Masters in New York

Living replica of van Gogh's ear on display in Germany

Science to the rescue of art

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Leonardo da Vinci's self-potrait in rare public show

Van Gogh Museum reopens with display on his craft

UK's Tate plans Matisse, Turner shows in 2014

Petraeus affair and the role of biographers

Rinehart portrait wins Bald Archy

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Dark Swedish humor takes wing in 'Pigeon' film at Venice

Luhrmann, Gisele hit Chanel's Parisian boulevard

Five free things in and around Wilmington, Delaware

Cornell professor unlocks mysteries of paintings

Dutch art heist thief jailed in Romania, paintings still missing

Far-off planet in a spin

Dutch court rules 'Black Pete' a negative stereotype

Employers step in to prevent worker burnout

99 shows, 22 countries: Bonjour Paris fashion week

Dutch 'Black Pete' finally gets facelift

COUTURE: Von Teese at Gaultier, Paz Vega hits Saab

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Nigeria gunmen free two hostages, keep Dutch trio

British filmmaker opens Moscow show under Ukraine shadow

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