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Mexico brothers lose final death sentence appeal in Malaysia

Honduras foiled 2014 cartel plot to kill president, official says

Army kills over a dozen gang members in El Savador

DEA chief to retire amid pressure over agents' sex scandal

UN anti-crime commission's future uncertain in Guatemala

Lynch to bring prosecutor's perspective to Justice Dept.

Mexican journalists march against attacks on press

New push at OAS for US to alter anti-drug approach

Paramilitary soap opera stirs dispute in Colombia

Post-attack, top reporter worries his cover blown

Comedy on Mexico income gap a big screen hit

US Senators McCain, Whitehouse visit Mali

Conn. gun law seen as model for Congress, states

Cannes lineup celebrates world film, old favorites

Maduro leans on Chavez's charisma for popularity

US lawmakers push for tougher NKorea sanctions

Jordanian force cordons off Syrian refugee camp

Washington touts credentials of new pot consultant

In Mexico, self-defense squads battle violence

Underworld saint becoming more popular in US

Indian woman on 12-year hunger strike charged

Drugmakers, Interpol ramp up fight against fakes

Russia scraps anti-crime deal with the US

Q&A on Russian 'crowned thieves'

Algeria: Army rescues hostages, toll unclear

2 European 'drug mules' plead guilty in Peru court

Tough drug stance on parliamentary agenda

Bird still waiting for visa to return home

Prosecutor: UK women face at least 6 years

Nigeria's stolen oil is sold and laundered abroad: report

Suriname leader's son arrested on US drug charge

Dominican raid of 'sect' compound under scrutiny

Pope's Brazil trip spurs security, protest worries

Capture of Zetas leader unlikely to quell violence

NKorea arms seizure could hurt US-Cuba detente

UK government to ban herbal stimulant khat

Drug lord's release painful for victims' relatives

Venezuela gov't lawmaker hurls gay slurs at foes

Mokbel helpers' High Court appeal rejected

Mexico clowns distance selves from costumed killer

N. Koreans in Panama over detained sailors in Cuba arms case

Kids are pimping out kids for sex in Indonesia

Drugs, guns and race feed Malaysia gang violence

Vigilantes give Mexico gov't chance to oust cartel

Afghan opium cultivation hits record high in 2013

Too big to jail? Execs avoid laundering charges

AP's Honduras correspondent navigates violent land

LatAm leaders call for review of US legal pot vote

LatAm leaders call for review of US legal pot vote

Texas lawyer accused of helping cartel denied bond

Gillard wants South China Sea code of conduct

Nicaragua seizes $7 million from fake journalists

Mexico probes why federal cops fired at US gov car

No cease-fire, drugs nag at Colombia peace talks

FARC says cease-fire rejection won't derail talks

Lebanon cannabis trade thrives in shadow of Syrian war

Muslim bloc calls for recognition of Palestinian state

Uruguay to make marijuana legal in trailblazing gamble

Missing American in Iran was on unapproved mission

New Honduran leader sworn in, urges more US help

Calls to shut Cambodian detention centres

Indonesia arrests German, Austrian for drug trafficking

Fond memories in Brazil's Nelson Mandela favela

Nigerian farmers 'abandon food crops for cannabis'