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Hamas shaves heads of Gaza youths with long hair

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Austin next city for ultra-fast Google Fiber

Mortar shells strike Damascus, killing at least 10

Snow storm barrels through Midwest to Mid-Atlantic

Go For the Food: Down a 'rocket' in Haverhill

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Seattle police: Three victims in university shooting

US TV actor charged with killing wife

Correction: Kidnapping Victim Found story

Cost to remove some Detroit blight: $850 million

Panicked Gazans flee heavy Israeli tank shelling

A year on, Quebec town remains in grip of 'train from hell'

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Storm threat subsides in California

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Wind, rain pummel Pacific Northwest, cause 1 death

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Activists: At least 9 killed by Damascus car bomb

'Gump' actor pleads not guilty to killing wife

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Evidence growing that Hamas used residential areas

Three Seattle schools sealed off as man opens fire, attempts kidnap