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Congo Senate bows to protests, drops reforms

Police clash with Congo protesters for third day, government says 15 dead

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Congo Senate bows to protests, drops reforms seen delaying vote

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Afghan cabinet nominees in doubt over dual citizenship

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Defence Minister Lungu wins Zambia's disputed presidential race

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Violence in DR Congo as opposition protests election law

Police crack down on anti-Kabila demo in DR Congo

Iran vice president under Ahmadinejad gets five years

Iowa Sen. Ernst promises GOP focus on Americans' concerns

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Palestinian workers left broke as Israel freezes funds

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Fury in Pakistan as petrol crisis brings roads to a halt

Yemen: the bloody road from national dialogue

U.K. Plans Plain Cigarette Packaging Starting in May 2016

Ousted Thai PM banned from politics, faces charges

Ousted Thai PM banned from politics, faces charges

Four dead as anti-Kabila demo quashed in DR Congo

Abbott slaps down talk of leadership change as MPs voice frustration

LNP's new ad targets Labor over unions, bikie gangs links

As Obama visits, signs that India is pushing back against China

U.K. Plans Plain Cigarette Packaging Starting in May 2016

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