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President Obama Signs 'Doc Fix' Law Into Effect

LGBT-rights group urges Guam governor to allow gay marriage

South Korea's Park says won't tolerate graft as her PM faces bribery claim

Russian opposition office raided as Putin talks to nation

Former Czech PM Stanislav Gross dies at age 45

Veteran Chinese journalist Gao Yu sentenced to seven years

Prosecutor: Suspect killed boy in '79, confessed for decades

Brazil's Rousseff under pressure after party treasurer jailed

Defense: 2 confessions in 1979 NYC missing boy trial

Obama signs overhaul of how Medicare pays doctors

Oklahoma deputy apologizes for fatal shooting, says was trained

Chechen commander in Ukraine drawn into Russian intrigue

Menendez, facing charges, raises $400,000 for legal defense

Russia blames U.S. for security crises and turmoil in Ukraine

Activists criticize Kenya for putting Muslim groups on Shabaab supporters'...

Activists criticise Kenya for putting Muslim groups on Shabaab supporters'...

Dad: Affordable housing plan led to son's demotion in league

Chinese hackers target Southeast Asia, India, researchers say

This year's fight for the tech industry: Patent trolls

Exclusive: U.S. Senate Banking panel launches new investigative team

Yemenis displaced, forced from homes as conflict worsens

Reckoning point: Ex-US guards face sentencing in Iraq case

Amnesty says Bahrain reforms don't end rights violations

Atlanta schools cheating case judge keeps word on sentences

Germans downbeat on chances of Greek deal next week

Jail for 9 of 10 ex-educators in Atlanta test-cheating case

Amid chaos, Al-Qaida consolidates hold of Yemen province

Hamas consolidates its grip on Gaza as reconstruction stalls

EU alleges Google's abuses hurt consumers, innovation

Egypt court sentences US-Egyptian citizen to life in prison

Eviction fears haunt Haiti camps after attacks

Trio of troubles threatening Obama's second term

APNewsBreak: Feds to run high-risk plan in Ohio

Mexico cartel dominates, torches western state

Between economy and trouble, Obama approval steady

Malaysian charged with sedition, 3 more arrested

Archbishop admits church too slow to act against abuse

Actress Bynes accused of bong toss out NYC window

US spy programs raise ire both home and abroad

Congress briefed on US surveillance programs

Google asks to publish more US gov't information

Wyo. gov to talk coal exports on trip to Canada

Police crush barricades in Istanbul square

Feds: Bulger at center of murder, mayhem in Boston

Police: Santa Monica gunman left farewell note

Brazilians protest high cost of hosting World Cup

NY state senator charged with embezzlement

Arias sells art for money, profits from notoriety

Lavrov: Russia would back NKorea talks in Geneva

Milan prosecutors demand 6 years for Berlusconi

Huge drug cost disparities seen in health overhaul

Rios Montt: From army to dictatorship to courtroom

NYPD whistle-blowers testify at stop-frisk trial

Sheriff: Remains are 13-year-old missing 2 years

Anti-fortification bill gives bikies 'nowhere to hide'

Gay marriage becomes legal in New Zealand

NC official: MetLife breaks could shut out others

Mexican president faces teachers' revolt

AFP discriminated on basis of crim record

Afghan women in Kabul prison over 'moral' crimes

FBI: 3 removed backpack from Boston suspect's room

NRA Head: Obama Out to Destroy 2nd Amendment

Qatar faces backlash among rebel groups in Syria

Top political appointees use secret email accounts

What you should know about NSA phone data program

AGL fined $1.55m for dodgy sales people

Active Search for Utah Missing Mom Ends

Guatemalan mine dispute militarizes region

Egypt convicts NGO workers, including 16 Americans

2 get death in Pakistan case tainted by class

Abbott comment reignites sexism row