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Liberal Democrats hint Cameron's EU referendum plan negotiable

Nigeria election raises hope of peaceful West African polls

France's top diplomat welcomes Clinton's presidential bid

Opposition Centre Party on course to win Finland's election - poll

In UK election, party promises range from nukes to bees

Finland's eurosceptic The Finns party gains in poll: YLE

Cameron's party leads one pre-election poll, but others suggest race still...

Croatia's president rebukes PM for invitation snub as rift deepens

Japan PM Abe's bloc wins two key governor races, bolstering policy push

Hillary Clinton to visit New Hampshire next week

Cameron's Conservatives lead Labour as UKIP falls - poll

Italy PM Renzi faces party revolt over electoral law

Peevish or loaded for bear _ Obama getting tough on critics

South African opposition leader Zille to stand down

Poll says Miliband wins last pre-election TV debate but PM Cameron absent

Poll says UK's Miliband wins last pre-election TV debate but PM Cameron...

Bashir centre stage as Sudan votes, opposition boycotts

Bashir center stage as Sudan votes, opposition boycotts

Cameron no-show puzzles Britons at last election debate

Thai PM hails progress, says he doesn't want to stay in power

Scottish Labour leader could lose own seat, poll finds

Turkey's pro-Kurdish HDP bets on new voters to exceed threshold in June...

Taiwan rejected as founding member of Beijing-led multilateral bank

NY Senate leader vows to cooperate with prosecutors

Hillary Has Support of Hometown Mayor

Clinton Foundation to limit donations from foreign governments

Congress OKs bipartisan bill changing doctors' Medicare fees

In Congress, doing 'nothing' can mean doing something big

Republican hopeful Paul opens criticism ahead of Clinton announcement

Insight - In Labour's Scottish bastion, nationalists prepare an upset

Clinton campaign to focus on economic security, opportunity

Taste of its own medicine? Austerity overshadows Finland vote

FACT CHECK: Estate tax hits fewer than 1 percent of estates

UK voters count cost of living standards pain

Hawkish U.S. foreign policy at heart of Rubio's presidential bid

House uses Tax Day to pass bills to 'rein in IRS abuse'

Washington auditor pleads not guilty to federal indictment

One year on, Thailand's testy coup leader battles dictator label

White House Brief: Things to know about Sen. Marco Rubio

FACT CHECK: Rubio rhetoric breaks with past, but ideas don't

With legalization possible, pot growers become lobbyists

Opt-out movement accelerates amid Common Core testing

The Latest: White House hopefuls gather in New Hampshire

Vermont documents '70s shift from conservative to hippie

Finally, Congress OKs bill reshaping Medicare doctors' fees

Presidential hopeful Christie risks backlash with retiree policy

Trio of troubles threatening Obama's second term

Gov't dysfunction may be baked into the system

Union power at issue as Garcetti elected LA mayor

Malaysian charged with sedition, 3 more arrested

Protecting NYC: mayor's plan, successor's question

Senate passes farm bill, moving debate to House

Obama tests political might in Boston, Miami

Gun measures put moderate Senate Dems in bind

Chinese air their cases by petitioning White House

Pakistan's Sharif gets resounding election victory

Review chairman: Clinton didn't make Benghazi call

House chairman sees IRS errors as part of pattern

The IRS and its tea party tempest

Family drama adds intrigue to Ill. governor's race

Obama praises democratic transition in Pakistan

Malaysia's opposition banks on new economic deal

Italian policemen shot near new gov't swearing-in

Today in History for May 4th

Local setbacks vex GOP governors eyeing 2016 race

Timber! Forest Service asks states to return cash

Cameron's Conservatives suffer in UK local votes

RI Senate leader plays key role in marriage debate

Obama and Bush, partisans who share common ground

Ex-Calif. Rep. Cunningham finishes prison term

In South Africa, toilet talk turns political

Pope leads pep rally at Vatican, meets with Merkel