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Possible kingmakers Liberal Democrats demand post-election stability budget

Liberal Democrats - We can be kingmakers with half as many seats

Statistician Nate Silver says UK election could be 'messy' - BBC

Alberta voters may end ruling party's 44-year run after oil plunge

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Sanders says he'll seek Democratic nomination for president

Liberal U.S. Senator Sanders to challenge Clinton in 2016 race

Labour and Conservatives tied at 35 percent ahead of election - ComRes poll

UK leaders make last televised pre-election appeal to voters

Italy PM Renzi wins first confidence vote on electoral law

British leaders in final push before May 7 election

With nobody set for majority, Britain braces for hung parliament

Up or down? Bank views of UK assets after election

Italy PM defies rebels with confidence vote on election law

Back Cameron's Conservatives, former New York mayor tells UK voters

Cameron pledges new law to prevent tax hikes, election rivals see gimmick

Slowing UK recovery is election issue

Burundi military says it will remain neutral amid protests

Italy's Renzi wins final confidence vote on electoral law

UK PM Cameron wins last TV contest of election campaign -poll

Cameron wins last TV contest of election campaign - poll

Italy's Renzi wins first confidence vote on electoral law

Potential ally signals could back Cameron's EU referendum plan

Data muddies Cameron's UK vote hopes

Key things to know about Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont

U.S. diplomat in Burundi amid anti-president protests

Maldives court orders opposition leaders detained

Japan ruling party gears up to revise pacifist constitution

Macedonian prosecutor indicts opposition leader in wiretap scandal

Illinois governor tries novel approach in anti-union battle

Jeb Bush: Give 11 million immigrants chance to stay

Maldives police arrest opposition leader after clashes

November trial date set for indicted ex-NY Assembly speaker

GOP divided as Supreme Court ruling on health care law nears

Northern Irish party says it could back either Conservatives or Labour

Bush, Rubio, bring Spanish fluency to 2016 campaign

In New Hampshire, Fiorina outlines foreign policy specifics

Ohio's Kasich says 2016 presidential run depends on money

Should Britain stay in the EU? Question hovers in election

Win or lose, Cameron's political career hangs by a thread

Japan PM offers condolences for WWII dead in historic speech

Special Report: For UK political donors, an unintended tax break

Special Report - For UK political donors, an unintended tax break

Poverty edging into 2016 presidential race amid city unrest

California ramps up efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Problems facing poor inch into 2016 presidential race

FIFA's Prince Ali seeks more say for national associations

Kerry pledges closer US ties with reform-minded Sri Lanka

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Analysis - Burundi's patchwork army faces test to keep the peace

BC-AP News Digest 3 am

Problems facing US poor creep into 2016 presidential race

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PM Abe's party eyes revision of Japan pacifist constitution by late 2018

Trio of troubles threatening Obama's second term

Gov't dysfunction may be baked into the system

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Malaysian charged with sedition, 3 more arrested

Protecting NYC: mayor's plan, successor's question

Senate passes farm bill, moving debate to House

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Gun measures put moderate Senate Dems in bind

Chinese air their cases by petitioning White House

Pakistan's Sharif gets resounding election victory