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Anti-government protest in Albania's capital

Top Democrat says Obama focus on healthcare in 2009 was mistake

Cardenas leaves Mexico leftist party he founded

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UKIP set to win second UK parliament seat in blow to Cameron

Sri Lanka ruling party in purge ahead of snap polls

Japan lower house dissolved ahead of election

Japan voters to PM Abe: why call an election now?

Japan's lower house dissolved for snap election

Japan PM seeks verdict on 'Abenomics' in snap election

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Romney tops Republican poll for '16 ahead of Clinton in election

Cameron risks losing UK seat to anti-EU UKIP as two-party system creaks

Immigration row fuels early 2016 US presidential race

Cameron risks losing UK seat to UKIP

Some Senate Democrats balk at Obama's unilateral immigration approach

Jindal seen as liability for GOP candidate Cassidy

In blow to Cameron, UKIP wins second parliamentary seat

Israeli Cabinet moves to define Israel as Jewish

Former minister-in-exile to take top job in independent Kosovo

Israel cabinet votes to enshrine 'Jewish state' in law

Italy's Renzi wins regional vote, low turnout sends warning

A way for GOP to defuse immigration issue?