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Billionaire (not that one) announces NYC mayor bid

Voters slam Weiner, Spitzer comebacks

Ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer plans NYC comptroller run

Fast-food workers across US push for higher wages

Lawmakers go undercover in NY corruption probe

Philly history may hold Democratic convention edge

New York mayor suggests Brooklyn as site for 2016 Democratic convention

Spitzer fails in New York political comeback attempt

Voters pass judgment on Weiner, Spitzer comebacks

Bill de Blasio is elected mayor of New York

Bloomberg era comes to a close in New York

City Council speaker launches NYC mayoral bid

NYC Comptroller's race: borough boss vs. Wall St. sheriff

Spitzer tells Leno he cares about public service

Reagan son urges NYC GOP to OK Carrion's mayor bid

Brooklyn offers urban cool to 2016 convention bid

Ex-madam who ran for New York comptroller pleads guilty to drug charge

Plan to overhaul New York airports takes step forward

NYC comptroller debate: Spitzer to work for a dollar, Stringer sings

Ex-Gov. Spitzer, now a candidate, meets NYC voters

Spitzer awaits outcome in New York political comeback attempt

NYC police rolling back some counterterror efforts

Go figure: Indictment may not sink GOP's Grimm

Badillo, first Puerto Rico-born congressman, dies

Levees, removable walls proposed to protect NYC

For Spitzer, a scramble to get on ballot in NYC

NYC mayoral hopefuls adjust to Weiner collapse

Tapes: No deaths, injuries from NJ bridge traffic

'Total gridlock' but no injuries in NJ bridge row

New Jersey's fiscal woes imperil an already-damaged Chris Christie

Mayor-elect De Blasio debates staying in Brooklyn

Bloomberg: Unquestioned impact, debated legacy

Rangel fights to retain seat as mayor stays silent

Cuomo, Legislature eye 3rd straight on-time budget

De Blasio tops NYC mayoral primary

Billionaire Catsimatidis announces NYC mayoral bid

Brooklyn is popular girl's name, but not in NYC

Mayor, family now live in historic Gracie Mansion

Fiery exchanges dominate NYC comptroller debate

Spitzer, Weiner make NYC political comeback city

Stringer tops Spitzer in NYC comptroller primary

NYC mayoral hopefuls do last-minute campaigning

NYC police commish says he's not running for mayor

Protecting NYC: mayor's plan, successor's question

Legendary NYC mayor Koch dies Monday funeral set

Democrats to launch ad reminding voters of Christie bridge scandal

Teens now have a say in New York City's government