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Correction: India-Gay Parade story

Palestinians set deadline for Israeli occupation

Democratic lawmakers warn against investment rules in trade pacts

South Korean far-left party dissolved for 'backing N.Korea'

EU lawmakers stop short of Palestine recognition vote

China pro-democracy activist Xu Youyu awarded Swedish rights prize

EU foreign policy boss determined to work with new Tunisian leader

88-year-old ex-minister wins Tunisia election

Clinton, Democrats can't find consensus on how to beat Jeb Bush

Polls close in Tunisian election

Hero's welcome for S Africa's first Miss World in 40 years

UK says review of EU shows bloc must relinquish power 'in many areas'

Crucial Greek presidential vote fails in 1st round

Republican wins US House seat, widening party's majority

Obama's Cuba moves reflect Florida political shift

Oil pipeline to top US Senate agenda next year

Colombia to print Garcia Marquez banknotes in tribute to writer

Tunisians vote in historic presidential run-off

Tunisians vote for post-revolution president

Bhutan's king issues corruption warning

Egypt constituency law sets stage for long-awaited elections

Russia calls new sanctions on Crimea "collective punishment"

Russia calls new sanctions on Crimea 'collective punishment'

Politics, shotgun marriage in government, war loom in 2015

Senate approves Obama pick for surgeon general

Austria says EU must not seek collapse of Russian economy

US lawmakers press Obama to back Russian sanctions

Obama sees no 'magic formula' in Keystone pipeline

Dems, GOP press Obama to back Russian sanctions

Kerry Wants to Visit Cuba As Secretary of State

Madagascar reconciliation bid secures political prisoner release

Tunisians prepare for crucial presidential run-off

US-Cuba breakthrough took route through Canada to Vatican

African leaders call on UN for intervention in Libya

White House does not dismiss idea of Castro visit

Obama says US can influence new generation in Cuba

Republican wins Arizona House seat after recount

Guardian of New Hampshire's presidential primary ready for another round