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US House passes spending bill, averts government shutdown

House narrowly passes spending bill, averts government shutdown

Clashes as Italian unions strike over Renzi labor reforms

Clashes as Italian unions strike over Renzi labour reforms

U.S. House narrowly passes spending bill, averts government shutdown

Kerry Wants to Visit Cuba As Secretary of State

Japan considering 2.5 percent corporate tax cut from fiscal 2015 - media

Shutdown deadline looms as opposition to U.S. spending bill mounts

China pro-democracy activist Xu Youyu awarded Swedish rights prize

Marzouki reprimanded for doubting Tunisia vote integrity

Italian PM Renzi calls on factious party to unite for reforms

US House to vote on massive spending bill

Senator Hatch sees hope for tech immigration bill in new year

Thousands of Italians protest economic reforms

Obama hails U.S. budget compromise, says it has funds needed for Ebola

Japan's Abe faces battle on reforms despite win

US House approves $1.1 trillion spending bill, averts shutdown

U.S. Senate leader Reid hopes for budget approval Friday

Senate aims to vote Monday on $1.1 trillion spending bill

US sends mixed message to Myanmar military

British and Irish leaders bid to break deadlock in Belfast

Italian unions strike against Renzi labour reforms

Abe's ruling party favored to win Japan vote

Effort to draft Warren into '16 race lands in Iowa

Senate passes spending bill, ends government shutdown threat

Japan's weak opposition makes Abe default choice

Abe Set to Boost Majority, Opening Way for Abenomics Advance

Top Democrat says regional banks key to Wall Street win on derivatives

2016 contenders quiet on police shootings protests

Wall Street scores a win in Washington, eyes more victories

Some Republicans see missed opportunity over US immigration

Turkey's Erdogan says media raids a response to 'dirty' plot

More Democrats Oppose Obama Treasury Nominee Over Tax Inversions

Turkish police raid media close to cleric rival Gulen, detain 24

Shinzo Abe's coalition cruises to big win in Japan election

Hong Kong left deeply polarised by protests: analysts

Heavy snow feared to cast chill over Japan election

What to watch for in Japan's elections

Japan's Abe set to win powerful majority - poll

Greek poll sends jitters through Europe

US Congress extends dozens of tax breaks

End game: No immigration deal, just divisions

Japan heads to polls with Abe on course to retain power

Abe pledges Japan constitution rewrite after election win

Obama, Warren emerge as potential political foils

Renzi reforms set to continue after Italy day of protest

Senate passes funding extension to avert government shutdown

Japan runs short of butter as dairy farms dwindle

Japan voters ready unenthusiastic yes to PM Abe

Teacher recalls being shot in 1989 Romania revolt

Republicans Subpoena MIT Economist for Obamacare Records