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Senator Murray backs Schumer as next Senate Democrat leader

Banks could stop donations

Senate Democrat Reid to retire wants Schumer as next leader

Pelosi irks some allies over bipartisan bill with Boehner

Reid backs Schumer to succeed him as leader

Republicans see Obama as more imminent threat than Putin - Reuters/Ipsos...

Hillary Clinton dodges Brooklyn campaign headquarters talk

"I will be vindicated"-Sen. Menendez

Exclusive: Upset by Warren, U.S. banks debate halting some campaign...

Liberal Dems, GOP cling to hope Warren runs for president

Illinois Democrat Duckworth to run for U.S. Senate in 2016

Republicans see Obama as more imminent threat than Putin: Reuters/Ipsos...

Deputy PM, Nick Clegg, set to lose seat in election - poll

Sen. Harry Reid's exit sets off Senate leadership scramble

U.S. hopes to wrap up Pacific trade deal, fast-track soon

New Maldives law strips ex-president of party membership

Ex-congressman who gave Bill Clinton first defeat dies at 92

Albania: 2 MPs arrested on false murder plot claim

Boehner, Pelosi show gridlock is not U.S. Congress's only option

Pugnacious Reid retiring, wants Schumer as Senate Dem leader

Watchdog says senior Homeland official broke no laws

Popular Nevada governor looms over fight for Reid seat

New Jersey Sen. Menendez indicted on federal corruption charges

Democrat O'Malley hits GOP support for Indiana law

Duckworth makes video announcement for 2016 Senate bid

Senator Menendez indicted for corruption says 'will be vindicated'

Menendez's fate could sharpen Republicans' edge in Senate

House OKs bipartisan Medicare doctor bill fate up to Senate

Reid's exit sets off Senate leadership scramble

Senate's Top Democrat Harry Reid to Retire

Ex-aide of retiring Indiana senator running to replace him

Obama golfs with big money, oil moguls in Florida

Fiorina likely GOP presidential candidate, attacks Clinton

Former tech exec Fiorina likely Republican candidate

O'Malley: Presidency 'not some crown' families should share

Kerry orders probe of U.S. State Department email procedures

Tensions with Warren camp could loom over Clinton campaign

New Jersey Sen. Menendez vows to fight corruption charges

Senate pushes conservative budget toward approval

U.S. House okays bipartisan bill to fix Medicare doctor payments

In Senate triumvirate's shadow, barbecue and basketball

US Senate foreign affairs expert indicted

Slovenian PM tells defense minister to quit in Telekom row

Nigeria new leader Muhammadu Buhari has strict reputation

Ind. Senator Urges Fix for Religious Freedom Law

Gowdy sets May 1 deadline for Clinton interview on emails

U.S. House committee seeks to interview Hillary Clinton over emails

UCONN Coach Honoring Indiana Travel Ban

Republican lawmaker says Clinton wiped clean email server

Senate delays vote on Medicare payment fix for two weeks

Things to know about Nigeria, as country picks new president

Republican US presidential contenders back Indiana law, say defends faith