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Baghdad flights disrupted after bullet hits flydubai jet

Lightning storm cuts power to thousands, delays flights

Airlines begin digging out from storm in northeastern US

Thousands of flights canceled as storm descends on the East

Two men arrested and over 100 plants seized after cannabis raids

AirAsia's 'misleading conduct' leaves Bali passengers out of pocket

Record 2,212 guns intercepted at US airports last year

Dubai overtakes Heathrow as top international airport

German union IG Metall stages warning strikes in engineering industry

Easyjet says would fly from expanded Heathrow airport

New York travel ban lifted after snowstorm

Prosecutor seeks 26 years for Costa Concordia captain

Demand for airplanes lifts Boeing's 4Q profit

Storm Forces New York to Ban Travel in South

Airbus shakes up 'critical' A400M army plane project

Afghan air force ascent slow, imperilling battle with Taliban

Afghan air force ascent slow, imperiling battle with Taliban

US northeast braces for monster snowstorm

Residents told to stay and fight in embattled Nigerian city

Afghan economic crisis looms as foreign aid dollars depart

Unmanned drones could play key roles in US food supply

NASA spacecraft almost to Pluto: Smile for the camera!

As storm rushes in, airlines cancel while salt sellers gain

May Day snow storm hits Colo., Wyo., Midwest

Obama offers praise, complaints for Republicans

American will favor passengers without roller bags

Budget cuts pare real-time monitoring of volcanoes

Massive storm system hitting Mid-Atlantic

Strike over EU plan snarls France, UK airports

Illness delays Kangaroos' Scott's AFL trip

Saudi man traveling with pressure cooker arrested

American cancels all US flights for several hours

American expects flights to return to normal

Senate Passes Bill to Ease FAA Furloughs

Obama: Flight delay fix a 'Band-Aid'

EU cap-and-trade system suffers blow

Air Force targets fuel, flight to find savings

Pa. congressman unveils new airline safety plan

Damaging storms moving through east, south