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US Secretary of Defense in Kabul

New US defense chief visits Afghanistan

New Defense Secretary hosts U.S. gathering on Islamic State strategy

Carter says "lasting defeat" of Islamic State will be accomplished.

Carter: US Must Think Through Options to Stop IS

Pentagon Chief: US May Slow Afghanistan Exit

Kiev shows off seized weapons on Maidan anniversary

NATO ready to advise Libya on security, eyes more drones

U.S. weighs slowing Afghan withdrawal to ensure 'progress sticks': Carter

New U.S. defense chief hints little change in Islamic State strategy

Unified Afghan gov't a reason to slow troop drawdown, says Carter

Army secretary optimistic on relief from budget caps

New U.S. defense chief silent on date of Mosul offensive

Tough choice for US in Afghanistan's Kandahar province

Australia begins training on armed US Reaper drones

Bid for more US defense funds gets chilly House reception

US defense secretary calls Afghan army 'a powerful force'

Stressed, shrinking US Air Force needs more funding

U.S. weighs slowing Afghan withdrawal to ensure 'progress sticks' - Carter

US mulling lethal aid to Ukraine Russian response a concern

Representatives grill Kerry on aspects of Iran nuclear talks

BC-What We're Talking About 4:30,ADVISORY

Green groups divided on Hillary Clinton's oil interest ties

Pentagon chief convenes counter-IS meeting, lauds strategy

Pentagon chief: US considering slowing exit from Afghanistan

What happens, and does not, in Homeland shutdown

What happens, and not, in Homeland Security shutdown

Guatemalan ex-president released from prison in bribe case

Afghanistan dialogue with Taliban could begin in March

Mexico official: Police capture top capo 'La Tuta' Gomez

Ukraine, rebels start pulling back heavy weapons in the east

Dudley, top U.S. economists urge later Fed rate hike

Historic US-Iran nuclear deal could be taking shape

New U.S. defence chief silent on date of Mosul offensive

Iraqi minister chides U.S. over Mosul assault timing

Putin surveys the map as he ponders next move on Ukraine

House panel moves to curb military sexual assaults

Mexico cartel dominates, torches western state

Hagel Urges Cadets to End Scourge of Sex Assault

Philippines protests Chinese warship's presence

Afghanistan: Bomb kills 15, including 6 Americans

Watchdog: Israel trying to legalize settlements

Merkel, Obama to discuss NSA surveillance program

US secrets leaker has options to stay in Hong Kong

US spy programs raise ire both home and abroad

Hezbollah says it will keep fighting in Syria

AP sources: US close to OK on arming Syrian rebels

US officials start talks on arming Syria's rebels

Iran reformists dance in streets for new president

Military plans would put women in most combat jobs

Sectarian killings reported in Syrian village

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A look at the North Korea crisis

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