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Curator breaks Tutankhamun mask, glues it back together

Controversy shrouds captive killer whale in Miami

Egypt conservationists to sue over 'botched' King Tut mask repair

Botched repair of Tut mask 'reversible': German conservator

Indonesia search team to float AirAsia fuselage

Salonen joins New York Philharmonic as composer

AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Latin America

British Museum exhibit set to showcase Australian Indigenous history...

Boko Haram attack leaves 15 villagers dead in Nigeria

After 44 years, Miami orca may edge closer to freedom

Hong Kong Occupy protest leaders arrested

Japan hostage shown killed in ISIS video

Captain Cook's sea chest, which travelled on Endeavour, goes on display at...

Hong Kong police hunt young girl over diamond heist

Police warn against 'yobbo' behaviour

Motor racing: Lotus expect huge step forward in 2015

Toyota remains top in global vehicle sales, beats VW, GM

Scarborough Beach parking issues to intensify with redevelopment plan to...

Vatican re-enters art world with Venice Biennale

Dippy the tortoise weighs in at 120kg

SC slave cabin dismantled for Smithsonian display

The Roots live large in new Philadelphia mural

Museum brings makeover to crime-hit Marseille

Australian-born artist Jeffrey Smart dies in Italy aged 91

Dark MOFO exhibit closed after seizures

Missing red panda from National Zoo found in DC

Sydney streets to showcase poetry

Art exhibition tackles multiculturalism head-on

Hogan's 1-iron all but extinct in major play

Mapping genes of a horse from 700,000 years ago

Scholars find cannibalism at Jamestown settlement

Van Gogh Museum reopens with display on his craft (dupe of article#265161)

Usher to curate music for July 4th fireworks show

Roth's 80th cause for Newark, NJ, celebration

Henry Moore, Auguste Rodin meet in English field

Museum to showcase contemporary Latin American art

Gallery celebrates nation's leading ladies

Japan expert, writer Donald Richie dies at 88

National Library's iPad app makes sweet music

Stylists' star-making, brand-building power feted

Forum looks at women's sport sponsorship

Merger of 2 of LA's largest museums proposed

Rare insect find sparks beetle mania

Paris exhibit asks: Was there an Italian Monet?

Mardis Gras exhibition opens in Sydney

Miss Piggy joins Kermit in Smithsonian collection

Dinosaur skeleton to be auctioned in UK

Qld's first baby giraffe takes first steps

Israel to post rare Hebrew manuscripts online

Superman to Asterix: Comics tell immigrant story

Go For the Food: Gourmet sausages in Chicago

Cheapside Hoard puts 17th-century bling on display

Oh my! Flying monkey among Maine Oz exhibit draws

Ex cons turn curators

BHP Billiton backs new Aboriginal arts festival with $4 million commitment

Moscow Biennale sheds more light on modern culture

The NY Film Festival in flux, to match the times

Your say: Labor leadership

Obama appeals for backing to hit Syria, Europeans urge delay

US National Zoo: 2-week-old panda cub is female

Nation's sound curators face tougher task

Renoir's personal items coming to NYC auction

Beyonce closes 1st day of Jay-Z's Philly festival

LeBron serves as music curator for 'NBA 2K14' game

US zoo will try again for exam of baby panda

Big-nosed, horned-faced dinosaur unearthed in Utah

Alaska city experiences first sunset in months

3D Printers Give Mummies New Life

Bitten by hungry T. rex, this dinosaur got away

Space art eyes creativity in tech at Smithsonian