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UN court upholds life for two convicted in Srebrenica massacre

Gaza flotilla lawyers asks ICC to reconsider probe

Labor vows to set up organised crime inquiry and review anti-bikie laws

Singapore ups the ante in cyber security fight

Sicilian judge Sergio Mattarella elected Italian president

War Medals stolen from Wee Waa home

Ugandan LRA defector makes first ICC appearance, thanks God

Uganda Lord's Resistance Army leader faces war crimes judges

Exclusive: ICC backers defy Israeli call to cut funding to war crimes court

Fraud, organised crime costing Africa billions per year

Ex-Gold Coast police chief under misconduct cloud

Abduction terrifies Basin community but it will "fight back": Proudfoot

Feds seize $19.5 million in counterfeit items ahead of Super Bowl

Stolen baby teeth seized in police raids

Brazilians protest homophobia with kisses

14 candidates to run against Bashir in Sudan election

CSI Lahore: US forensics big shot comes home to help Pakistan

Protesters scold Kissinger, US senator calls them 'scum'

African leaders to court: Drop cases against top Africans

Man jailed for escaping custody and going on 'crime spree' in Perth

Canada to criminalize public terror threats

Cannabis worth almost a million dollars found in National Park plantations

African Union urged to release S.Sudan atrocity probe

Japan teen axe murderer 'just wanted to kill someone': report

Chelsea's Costa to miss City game after losing appeal

Police Deputy Commissioner 'humiliated' by bugging investigation

Northern California chief's new approach revitalizes force

1979 New York child murder trial gets under way

'Friendship Nine' cleared of 1961 civil rights sit-in crimes

Rocco Arico suspected of arranging Carl Williams' murder

Lawyers seek review of ICC refusal to probe Gaza flotilla

Marseille victims of 700,000 euro Chinese bank scam

India woman who alleges rape sues Uber in US court

American crime roundup for week ending January 31

Oklahoma man pleads guilty as accessory to murder of Australian baseballer

Soweto looting stirs xenophobia fears

UN: deadly attack on Ukraine city could be war crime

Sri Lanka's new government plans fresh war crimes probe

NY prosecutors clear immigrant from Barbados in '86 burglary