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Supreme Court rejects Rajat Gupta's insider trading appeal

Top Honduran court paves way for presidents to seek re-election

Water pricing to spur conservation ruled unconstitutional

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Correction: California Drought-Water Rates story

U.S. court hears Chevron's fraud claims in $9.5 billion Ecuador dispute

Japan nuclear ruling to show whether legal fight emboldened

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US couple sentenced to prison in Bali suitcase killing

Reinforcing homes in Dutch gas extraction quake zone estimated at 30...

US privacy advocates seek more openness on NSA surveillance

U.S. top court makes it easier for people to sue the government

Same-sex marriage pioneer among lawyers for high court cases

N.Y. judge to consider claims that chimpanzees are 'legal persons'

Death sentence for 22 Brotherhood members in Egypt

Brazilian vice-president sees no impeachment case against Rousseff

US Couple Sentenced for Bali Killing

Arizona's Sheriff Arpaio says he delegated court order on profiling

Analysis - Billions at risk for Ghana, oil firms from oil boundary ruling

Supporters of traditional marriage rally in Washington

Japan court supports planned restart of 2 nuclear reactors

Chinese man jailed for defacing Mao portrait

Argentine prosecutor rejects case against president

U.S. strikes out with prosecution of baseball great Barry Bonds

Chinese man jailed for splashing ink on Mao Zedong portrait

Egypt sentences 22 members of Brotherhood to death - judicial sources

Bonds' obstruction conviction thrown out by appeals court

Egypt sentences 22 members of Brotherhood to death: judicial sources

Fugitive fails to revive Facebook lawsuit, block criminal case

Same-sex marriage opponents urge Supreme Court to go slow

Michigan Couple at Center of Gay Marriage Fight

Gay marriage tough issue for Republican White House hopefuls

Gay marriage a difficult issue for GOP White House hopefuls

China begins trial of ally of retired security chief

Barry Bonds' obstruction conviction thrown out by US court

Mursi sentenced to 20 years in prison without parole

Environmentalist flees Russia, citing fears for children

Mexico officials investigate case of girl wrongly sent to US

Uber complies with German ban on unlicensed cab drivers

Kenya 'open-minded' on appeal to increase Jeptoo ban

Former Egyptian president Mursi jailed for 20 years