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Erdogan chairs Turkish cabinet meeting, pushing presidential powers

Tasmanian Premier considers recognising Indigenous people as traditional...

Yemen leader ready to accept demands of Houthis

Aden airport shut in solidarity with Yemen president

Yemen leader expected to accept demands of Houthis who defeat his guards

DR Congo adopts new electoral law after protests

Shiite rebels, Yemen's president reach deal to end standoff

Giresse settles for Senegal draw

Protests, calls for respect of constitution in Congo election row

DR Congo Senate backs down on electoral bill after deadly clashes

US justices will review use of midazolam as execution drug

After Hungary's Swiss franc mortgage manoeuvre, a nod to Orbanomics

Gulf states condemn attempted 'coup' in Yemen, back president

Houthis, accused of coup, surround Yemeni PM's residence

Police clash with Congo protesters for third day, government says 15 dead

Pennsylvania high court halts any charges against attorney general

Police crack down on anti-Kabila demo in DR Congo

Obama, Modi declare era of 'new trust' in US-India relations

Congo Senate bows to protests, drops reforms

Aden airport, seaport resume work as Yemen crisis eases

Four dead as anti-Kabila demo quashed in DR Congo

EU suspends some aid to Guyana over parliament suspension

Madagascar president unveils new government

US Supreme Court mulls judicial campaign contributions

Renewed anti-government protests hit Haiti

Bahrain opposition leader to go on trial on January 28

Justices will review use of midazolam as execution drug

Deadly battles in capital as Yemen crisis deepens

Church backs Congo protesters, rights group says 42 killed

Bahrain opposition leader to go on trial on Jan. 28

Congo Senate bows to protests, drops reforms seen delaying vote

Thousands rally against Shiite militia in Yemen capital

Yemen militia keeps grip on capital despite deal

Yemen faces power vacuum after president quits

US Justice Department, Albuquerque name police monitor

Fox loses U.S. copyright claims over Dish ad-skipper

Obama Welcomed in India, Begins 3-day Visit

Italian Senate vote gives boost to Renzi electoral law deal

Yemen leader readies for talks after 'coup' warnings