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Congo Republic president says expects referendum over third term

South Sudan parliament extends president's term by 3 years

South Sudan parliament extends president's term by three years

Turkish court orders investigation over spat in AK Party

Erdogan's lobbying exposes fractures in Turkey's ruling party

As Florida governor, Bush aggressively used executive power

Argentina court throws out appeal of decision clearing Fernandez

With gay marriage case pending, religion bills gain ground

Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit

Turkey passes tough new security law, raising fears of election crackdowns

Feds: Baltimore jail illegally keeping juveniles in solitary

Obama to host Japan's Abe to discuss security, trade

UK court rules Prince Charles letters to ministers can be disclosed

Court rules Prince Charles letters to ministers can be disclosed

AP EXPLAINS: Japan's long wait to address US Congress

Uzbekistan to vote to extend veteran leader's rule

Macedonians split over allegations of wiretapping

China tightens grip on discourse, ideology

Dance industry needs greater scrutiny: former teacher

Gov't dysfunction may be baked into the system

Japan gyrations underline economy's vulnerability

Palmer United Party to be divided in Qld

Govt buying constitution change: 'no' camp

Afghan Taliban boldly attack on Kabul airport

Local govt recognition a step closer

Same-sex couples welcome Del. gay marriage law

Column: Restore wrestling, give others fair shot

The IRS and its tea party tempest

Top IRS official didn't reveal tea party targeting

Rios Montt: From army to dictatorship to courtroom

AP Exclusive: IRS knew tea party targeted in 2011

Fla. to spend nearly $400,000 on gambling study

Mexican president faces teachers' revolt

Is it ever OK to compliment appearance on the job?

Both sides hunt support in background check fight

Suicide blast in Syrian capital kills at least 15

MPs agree on local govt recognition

Lawyer says security guards on Nauru told to prepare to open detention...

Cutting the Cord: Rise of Internet TV

Obama Defends Phone Data Collection Program

Pirate Party has electoral breakthrough in Iceland

FA charges Liverpool striker Luis Suarez for bite

Iraqis go to polls for first time since US pullout

Napolitano re-elected Italy's president

SKorea's gay film maker in news over wedding plans

AP sources: Obama to name ex-Bush aide to head FBI

Chile Communists back Bachelet in president vote

Obama balances threats against Americans' rights

Judge: Ariz. sheriff's office profiles Latinos

Lawyer says convicted lobbyist won't go to jail

Japan PM's biggest test on economy still to come

NSW opposition backs premier's gay stand

Appeals court hears challenge to gay therapy ban

Plea hearing set in NM judicial bribery case

Assange positive about future of politics

Ed bill overshadows lengthy agenda for W.Va. gov

Zimbabwe to vote on new constitution

Both big pension fixes still alive in Montana

Rights groups: Zimbabwe police intensify threats

Republicans: Searching for their Mr. or Mrs. Right

Venezuela's opposition ground down by Chavistas

Aborigines set for recognition in SA

Judge throws out Jindal's teacher tenure revamp

Kerry: Egypt needs political, economic viability

Wash. high court strikes supermajority for taxes

Egypt opposition leader calls for election boycott

China's Xi rides high hopes ahead of presidency

Egypt protests on anniversary of Mubarak's fall

Obama attempting to change face of the judiciary

Tenn. Senate votes to put income tax ban on ballot

Syrian troops, rebels clash over Damascus highway

Tunisian PM says new Cabinet needed during crisis

Malaysia PM dissolves Parliament to hold elections

Parnell discusses 5-year fiscal plan for Alaska