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In Athens

Canada finance minister tells paper gov't not consulted on rate cut

Tsipras enters PM's office for first time

Cameron's Conservatives made favorites for UK election: bookie

Cameron's Conservatives made favourites for UK election - bookie

Greeks Go to the Polls

Greek leftists Syriza extend poll lead two days before election

Greek radical leftists widen lead ahead of Sunday's vote

Greek leftists Syriza extends poll lead as election day nears

Ahead of vote, Labour gets lowest poll score since 2010

Ahead of vote, UK's opposition Labour gets lowest poll score since 2010

Belgium sees some room to discuss Greek debt program

TV satire burns bright as Israeli election 'campfire'

UKIP could back Cameron's Conservatives after election - Farage

Greek election to raise European economic uncertainty - Cameron

Anti-austerity Syriza wins Greek election: exit polls

Euro falls after Greek exit polls show Syriza win

The challenge for Canada's Trudeau: substance over style

New Greek leader set to unveil anti-austerity government

Anti-austerity Greek party wins after crushing victory

Australian leader vows to consult more widely on knighthoods

Cameron to Pledge U.K. Tax Cuts After ‘Years of Sacrifice’

After 5 years of coalition, UK faces even messier government

U.K. Tories Lead in Three Polls as Labour Focuses on NHS

Eyeing May re-election, UK's Cameron says voters 'deserve' tax cuts

Canada faces budget deficit due to low oil prices: official

After five years of coalition, UK faces even messier government

Greece's Syriza party widens lead as election looms, polls show

Radical Left political outsiders prepare for power in Greece

Greece's Syriza: what does it want and what is possible?

A look at Greece's debt debate before elections

Eyeing May re-election, Cameron says voters 'deserve' tax cuts

Republican White House maybes court evangelicals toward 2016

Some Republican presidential hopefuls court evangelicals

Eyeing elections as growth resumes, Spain PM takes swipe at hard-left

Delay to Britain's Iraq War inquiry report causes outcry

Canada Liberals can lift spending and avoid deficits: Trudeau

Exit poll shows Greece's Syriza with strong lead in election

Farage Sees UKIP Winning a ‘Good Number of Seats’ in U.K. Vote

Australian PM faces backlash over royal 'knightmare'

Tsipras Names Cabinet Heading for Clash Over Bailout and Russia

Kammenos: from conservative rebel to Greek PM's unlikely ally