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Texas' Cruz Kicks Off Presidential Run

UK prime minister rallies party before 'knife edge' election

Ted Cruz announces presidential bid at Liberty University

Scottish nationalists would block second Cameron government - Salmond

Sarkozy party leads in French local elections: exit poll

Scottish nationalists would block second Cameron government

Cameron beats Miliband in first TV contest before election - poll

PM Cameron uses last parliament clash before election to rule out tax rise

A British EU exit could hit GDP by 2.2 percent - study

Florida Rep. Patrick Murphy announces bid for U.S. Senate seat in 2016

Obamacare foe Ted Cruz to sign up for coverage under the plan

Pre-election support for anti-EU party at lowest in over a year - poll

AP Analysis of Ted Cruz's Presidential Bid

German eurosceptic leader says infighting won't rip party apart

Turnout in French vote blunts ascent of National Front

Cruz's fiery message has limited appeal to some Republicans

Scotland's Salmond targets Westminster seat for next nationalist push

Britain's UKIP expels election candidate after expenses scandal

Cameron says won't seek third term in power

Texas Republican Cruz announces presidential run

Ted Cruz announces 2016 US presidential bid

French prime minister praises far-right defeat at local vote

Cruz in 2016 US presidential race

Canada will expand anti-ISIS bombing campaign to Syria: sources

Cameron rejects charge he's become lame duck by nixing third term

Turkish court orders investigation over spat in AK Party

U.S. Senator Cruz to announce presidential run

UK opposition leader kicks off election campaign

UK retail sales improve in February, boding well for economy

Leaving EU would be 'disastrous' for Britain - Standard Life chairman

Labour kicks off election campaign with focus on healthcare

Ex-treasurers of Spain's ruling PP set for slush fund trial

Ted Cruz seeks to enlist U.S. Christians for 2016 White House bid

Succession talk risks backfiring on Cameron in tight UK election

Cruz targets conservatives as he starts White House run

Ted Cruz to Announce 2016 Presidential Run

GOP celebrates good week on Hill, but sees challenges ahead

Cruz to become first major candidate to jump into 2016 race

After a few stumbles, GOP lawmakers regain footing on budget

British PM Cameron to face rivals in TV debate

Canada says it will bomb Islamic State 'safe havens' in Syria

Senator Ted Cruz Running for President

Canada will expand anti-ISIS bombing campaign to Syria

Senate OKs budget plan battles with White House loom

UK's Cameron rejects charge he's become lame duck by nixing third term

Cameron wins first TV encounter of close election - poll

Erdogan's lobbying exposes fractures in Turkey's ruling party

UK prime minister, opposition leader in live TV interviews

Britain's Cameron wins first TV encounter of close election: poll

Canada to extend anti-IS mission, strike targets in Syria

British pound's swings cause uncertainty for business

Labour puts focus on healthcare at launch of UK election campaign

Some Dems echo GOP's 'no compromise' demand in primaries

Sarkozy denies far-right Le Pen victory in French polls

Cruz's fiery message has limited appeal to some in GOP

Britain tells US - We'll always fight by your side

NSW state election set to greenlight blockbuster energy sell-off

Clinton previews economic themes of possible 2016 campaign

Pelosi irks some allies over bipartisan bill with Boehner

Britain tells United States: We'll always fight by your side

France goes to polls with National Front in ascendancy

Arab-Israeli political leaders reject Netanyahu's apology

Cruz wants to scrap IRS, but that's easier said than done

Abolish the IRS? Easy to say, but awfully hard to do

House OKs bipartisan Medicare doctor bill fate up to Senate

Wiggly words on immigration from potential Republican field

Here's the pitch: House Whip Scalise can play hardball

U.S. House Republicans face test of unity in budget votes

Sarkozy passes French poll test but has long way to go

Senate pushes conservative budget toward approval

Boehner, Pelosi show gridlock is not U.S. Congress's only option

Japanese row over U.S. island base move deepens

British defence plans fail to meet new threats - MPs

U.S. House okays bipartisan bill to fix Medicare doctor payments

For liberal Israelis, Netanyahu's win is a reality check