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Chile approves same-sex civil unions

SC Sen. Lindsey Graham explores 2016 GOP presidential run

After 5 years of coalition, UK faces even messier government

After five years of coalition, UK faces even messier government

Amateur barramundi anglers dismiss industry calls for conservation

Labour election win would be 'catastrophe' for UK, says Boots CEO

Republican presidential hopefuls kick off debate

New Greek government to halt Piraeus port privatisation: official

Some Republican presidential hopefuls court evangelicals

House tea partyers face new resistance from GOP pragmatists

Chile's Bachelet takes on conservatives with plan to ease abortion ban

'Tiger heavyweight' Nepal hosts anti-poaching summit

Eyeing May re-election, Cameron says voters 'deserve' tax cuts

Labour’s Balls Pledges 30 Billion Pounds for England’s Regions

Eyeing May re-election, UK's Cameron says voters 'deserve' tax cuts

Kammenos: from conservative rebel to Greek PM's unlikely ally

Camera catches feral deer in Canberra National Park

Analysis - Greece shakes Europe's political kaleidoscope: expect the...

Chile's president pushes to ease ban on all abortions

Outspoken Saudi prince launches pan-Arab news channel

On climate change, 'not a scientist' not enough for some U.S. Republicans

Saudi postpones biggest festival after king's death

Insight - On climate change, "not a scientist" not enough for some U.S....

Scott Walker has breakthrough moment in Iowa. Now what?

Macedonia opposition leader accused of organizing a coup

Outspoken prince to launch pan-Arab news channel

U.K. Voters Tune Out at Sound of Labour-Tory Deficit-Cut Pledges

French 'Wolf Totem' director says China censors gave him 'carte blanche'

Greece's Syriza seeks coalition partners after poll win

IOC dismisses idea of joint Saudi-Bahrain bid for Olympics

Bank of England's Carney says more euro zone risk sharing in German...

Germany's von Weizsaecker, president at unification, dies at 94

Ex-spy chief wanted in Colombia for wiretaps surrenders

China court hears 'first gay workplace discrimination lawsuit'

Canada's new anti-terror bill to fill legal gaps: safety minister

Andrew Bolt says PM's 'stupid' knighthood call could be fatal

Tradition meets Twitter as Saudis pledge to new king

South Korea, China warn Japan not to backtrack on apology over wartime past

Canada security bill provides new powers to combat terror

The challenge for Canada's Trudeau: substance over style

Wisconsin governor finds gaps in 2016 GOP field encouraging

Lindsey Graham to test 2016 Republican presidential waters

Rouhani accuses Iranian hardliners of 'cheering on' other side in atom...

N. Korea demanded $10 billion for summit: ex-Seoul leader

After turmoil, Church of England consecrates first woman bishop

In Madrid, 100,000 flock to anti-austerity Podemos rally

Turkey airport police hunt extremists en route to Syria

European stocks shrug off Greece

New Jersey's Christie launches political action committee

Canada to criminalize public terror threats

Under fire, Germany suspends minimum wage for transit truckers