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GOP's Jeb Bush working to reassert conservative credentials

Bush defends his conservative credentials ahead of CPAC

Jeb Bush working to reassert conservative credentials

On visit to U.S., Britain's Farage criticizes Obama and Republicans

On visit to U.S., Farage criticizes Obama and Republicans

Ben Carson kicks off conservative CPAC event

Donald Trump serious about 2016 presidential run: Washington Post

Bush: Borders less secure if Congress cuts off DHS dollars

Cameron seeks young vote with pledge of more cheap starter homes

Bush: Not Funding DHS Would Threaten Security

Britain's would-be finance ministers sum up stark choice for voters

Ahead of election, Labour pledges university tuition fee cut

Macedonian opposition claims PM targeted opponent's building

Immigration to Britain rises in pre-election blow to Cameron

Spain's PM denies Greek counterpart's "overthrow" claim

Ireland's Noonan worried over possible UK referendum on EU

Carly Fiorina criticizes Clinton over foundation money

German Parliament approves Greece's bailout extension

Cameron still waiting for electoral gold from recovering economy

Voters wary of promises in Britain's unpredictable election

Greek PM accuses Spain, Portugal of anti-Athens 'axis'

US avoids Homeland Security shutdown

Germany backs Greek extension but bailout fatigue grows

Republicans' Homeland Security move called political blunder

Carly Fiorina ramps up Hillary Clinton attacks

EU deal on passenger data stalls in threat to terror fight

5 things to know about Estonia's parliamentary election

Christie at CPAC: don't count me out

Homeland Security funding drama darkens U.S. fiscal outlook

Former Gov. Rick Perry: Obama has made the world less safe

Estonian premier aims for coalition talks to create new govt

GOP contenders push for military action against ISIS

Boehner leaves open possible vote on Dem-backed DHS bill

Spanish PM hits back at Greek accusation of anti-Athens 'axis'

Pelosi: Mr. Speaker, Get a Grip - Give Us a Vote

Walker: Protesters prepared him to confront global terrorism

Dems call GOP Homeland Security strategy a political blunder

Maldives opposition to protest until ex-leader freed

Austria passes 'Law on Islam' banning foreign money for Muslim groups

GOP leaders are struggling to show they really are in charge

Hungary's premier rejects immigration, multicultural society

Myanmar captures rare white elephant in western jungles

Deadline near, deal sets up Homeland Security vote in Senate

Republicans back down in standoff over Homeland Security

US officials called 'terrorists' mock Venezuela travel ban

Greece will not seek another bailout, prime minister says

Australia bars travel to Mosul ahead of planned offensive

US pushes back on Venezuela's order to slash embassy staff

Republicanleaders struggle to show they really are in charge

Carson launches 2016 exploratory committee

National monument supporters in California get antsy

Poland's 'Barbie' candidate dashes hope for left's revival

Jeb Bush distances himself from family

South Korean court abolishes law criminalizing adultery

Tabare Vazquez sworn in as Uruguay's president, extends leftist rule

Jindal tells GOP Congress to 'grow a spine' on DHS funding

US, Cuba cite progress on restoring diplomatic ties

U.S. justices show support for Muslim woman denied job due to head scarf

Green groups divided on Hillary Clinton's oil interest ties

Ohio's Strickland to focus US Senate bid on opportunity

Book review: Kim Gordon is more than just a 'Girl in a Band'

Virginia to compensate victims of forced sterilizations

Spain reveals 3rd Greek bailout, then says it's hypothetical

EBRD to launch funding in Greece, promoting enterprise

Venezuela sets deadline to US to slash embassy staff

Blood near the Kremlin: Russia's media fight back

Wisconsin's Walker adjusts to rigor of presidential politics

Greece sees problems repaying IMF, ECB Germans air mistrust

In Turkish heartland, businessmen laud Erdogan's central bank tirades

Obama steps up pitch for trade, exports, targets Democrats