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White House threatens veto for U.S. House education bill

Capitol Hill Buzz: GOP, Dems raise cash for '16 House races

GOP Voices Concern Over Net Neutrality Vote

Obama turns up heat on Republicans for stalled immigration reforms

Investigators find 32,000 emails in IRS probe

Democrats: We must better explain what it means to be a Dem

Colombia peace talks saved 5,000 people from death, injury - report

Legal haze: D.C. pot users face questions as deadline expires this week

DHS bill exposes holes in GOP's congressional coordination

Republicans prepare to pass Homeland Security funding

FCC OKs 'net neutrality' rules

Regulators approve tougher rules for Internet providers

Lawmaker with lavish decor billed private planes, concerts

News Guide: FCC 'net neutrality' vote and what it means

Exclusive: Local bankers emerge as Fed ally in fight against audit bill

Drought contributes to clever, cruel 10th hole at Riviera

Despite spat with US, Israeli leader fighting Iran nuke deal

BC-AP News Digest 6:30 pm

Obama offers praise, complaints for Republicans

Gov't dysfunction may be baked into the system

House panel moves to curb military sexual assaults

Weiner gets started stumping in NYC mayoral race

Ex-Gov Mark Sanford Elected to Congress

Local setbacks vex GOP governors eyeing 2016 race

Dems pouring money, Obama into Mass. Senate race

Committee passes bill to address sexual assaults

Education bill rewrite would protect gay students

Lawmakers press forward on sexual assault bill

Mass. GOP candidate Gomez on his own for now

Ex-SC Gov. Sanford back in political office

US intelligence embraces debate in security issues

Obama raises California cash for Democrats

SC's ex-Gov. Sanford clears hurdle in comeback bid

Trespassing accusation leaves Sanford on his own

Report: US footing greater bill for overseas bases

Liberals balk at Obama's 2nd-term overtures to GOP

Comeback: Weiner says he may run for NYC mayor

In China's shadow, Gitmo Uighurs languish on Palau

Status of proposals for gun control legislation

New crisis looms as budget cuts hit US on Friday

New generation of governors seeking the limelight

Menendez' bill could have aided donor's investment

Jackson Jr.'s district has history of corruption

Obama seeks to avoid sequester with short-term fix

Unyielding GOP politicians doing what voters ask

Partisan discord finds roots in toss-up districts

Dems criticize GOP support of fed marriage act

House to vote Wednesday on raise in debt limit

Amnesty: NKorea control expands beyond the gulag

White House: Hagel will win Senate confirmation

Senate tries again to move anti-violence bill

Senate Dem: GOP request to Hagel extraordinary

Immigration bill splits GOP on national-local line

THE RESET: GOP, Dems hold soul-searching retreats

Senators seek deal on gun-sale background checks

Venezuelan politics heating up in Chavez's absence

Top to bottom changes in Congress' foreign policy

Feud over budget for diplomatic security escalates

THE RESET: GOP is pushing state election changes

Congress sends bill to Obama averting govt default

In Senate farewell, Kerry speaks of need to listen

Ex-SC Gov. Sanford done apologizing, ready to run

AP Exclusive: US ordered delay in intern's arrest

Obama stands his ground on fiscal debates

Small group of protesters urges jobs not war

Obama to meet with Democrats before Syria speech

Democrats, Republicans in showdown over shutdown

Obama gets top Republican support on Syria strike

In Mideast, view of U.S. as hesitant superpower sharpens

Stock market rises as Syria strike waits for vote

APNewsBreak: Obama weighs Egypt aid suspension