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North Korea faces UN Security Council scrutiny

Clinton urges ASEAN unity on South China Sea

Wong Kar-wai has a hit with 'The Grandmaster'

Malians return to polls for 2nd round of voting

G-8 seeks unity on Syrian peace talks, tax evasion

Fake signer at Mandela event accused in mob attack

NKorean soldiers put down arms to help plant crops

Journalist Peter Greste to appeal against Egyptian imprisonment

Exclusive: Iran eases demands for nuclear capacity at Vienna talks:...

Lion offers milk price rise to some dairy farmers

TSX steady as mining fall offset by TransCanada

EU relief at Scotland's 'no' tinged with fear of nationalism

UN calls for international action to prevent Kobane massacre

U.S. and China look to manage differences, cooperate against threats

Setback for Pope Francis as synod fails to agree on gays, divorcees

Office workers join protests

Fed's aim off target as inflation drifts down near danger zone

India, Australia vow closer security and trade ties

Pa. governor sues NCAA for Penn State sanctions

Iran says it will not 'kneel' as nuclear talks enter crunch time

Obama echoes Bush in 'language of force' speech on extremism

Talks resume to end Pakistan political drama

Fake interpreter reportedly faced murder charge

US officials start talks on arming Syria's rebels

Maduro certified as election winner amid protests

Federal agency finds lax regulation of chemicals

Texas builds 'hurricane domes' for double-duty

Malian troops open France's Bastille Day parade

NZ couple win quake insurance ruling

Exclusive - Iran eases demands for nuclear capacity at Vienna talks -...

Venezuela says to pay less than $1 billion to Exxon over nationalization

G-20 summit to be test of forum's staying power

Germany denies report on post-bailout aid for Greece

Artist Pierre Huyghe's retrospective lands in L.A., with animals

Philippines negotiator to fast for climate progress

Kerry to present security plan in Mideast visit

China frustration with NKorea offers hope for US

Man killed on NBN site in NSW

AP-GfK poll: Obama rates better on foreign policy

Ukraine talks fail to end deadlock, uneasy truce holds

Middle-aged job seekers fear being left in limbo

NT politician avoids jail over attack

New Palestinian unity government sworn in

Malaysia sharpens its response in latest air disaster

In US war on IS, what would victory look like?

Whistleblower describes 'filthy' conditions inside detention centre

Standard Life affirms Scotland vote plans, no impact on dividend, listing

Mideast complexities confound US coalition effort