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IRB changes name to World Rugby

Japan officials promote whale meat

Steelers dump Blount after tantrum

Police deserve benefit of doubt over fatal shooting: union

Brain training works in groups only: study

Wenger will only be appreciated once he leaves - Henry

Germany votes to extend Afghanistan troop mandate

Review: Revolution gathering in 'Mockingjay

Scientists say research showing high levels of methane gas in CSG fields...

Manchester City must seize last chance, says Pellegrini

Blatter tells FA there could be a way to release Garcia report

U.S. politics takes center stage at Latin Grammys

U.S. politics takes centre stage at Latin Grammys

Sydney club probed for declaring early to give Clarke bat

FIFA may see World Cup corruption report

Task force recommends changes to Ohio State band

Q&A on flashpoint shooting case in US town of Ferguson

Fed focused on sunny side, downplayed global woes in October

Saudi Arabia tackles MERS virus, still hunting source

Royal Commission: Hutchins School employee told to hang up on callers...

Fed focussed on sunny side, downplayed global woes in October

Judge: Confession can be used in missing boy trial

Child sex abuse inquiry: Ex-headmaster admits failing to question staff,...

Bomb squad police investigate Bogan Gate explosion

Granada clings to 1-shot lead at LPGA finale

War-weary Darfuris see grim future with or without U.N. peacekeepers

Japan PM calls snap general election, delays tax hike

JetBlue to add bag fees on cheapest tickets

Doha to host 2019 world championships

World Cup whistleblower 'living in fear'

VA ousts hospital chief in Phoenix scandal

Signs N.Korea preparing bomb material amid nuclear test threats

East Kimberley port questions its future of live exporting

For Obama, a long to road to immigration order

Fracking to be permitted in GW National Forest

Thanksgiving getaway: 46.3 million to hit the road

Health researcher warns of impact of long work hours

Around 100 killed in east DR Congo, Uganda rebels blamed