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UK's Conservatives one point ahead of Labour: TNS poll

Conservatives one point ahead of Labour - TNS poll

Britain's Labour has one-point lead over Conservatives: YouGov

Labour has one-point lead over Conservatives - YouGov

Possible kingmakers Liberal Democrats demand post-election stability budget

Netanyahu signs first partners in new Israeli coalition

Close Merkel ally de Maiziere rejects charges he lied

Liberal Democrats - We can be kingmakers with half as many seats

Back Cameron's Conservatives, former New York mayor tells UK voters

With nobody set for majority, Britain braces for hung parliament

Close Merkel ally rejects charges he lied in spy scandal

Cameron pledges new law to prevent tax hikes, election rivals see gimmick

Potential ally signals could back Cameron's EU referendum plan

Once the kingmaker, Britain's Clegg faces election debacle

FTSE lifted by Lloyds and miners but election nerves start to show

Administration worries grow over Saudi campaign in Yemen

1 in 4 US renters must use half their pay for housing costs

For many: Half of paycheck goes to rent

Kurds arrest five over bombing outside U.S. consulate in Erbil

UK vote baffles voters, investors too

Budget deficit figures like horror novel: Deloitte analysis

Saudi king resets succession to cope with turbulent times

Ireland eyes more tax cuts as growth forecast to be nudged up

Finland's likely next PM seeks deal with euro-sceptical The Finns

Finland's likely next PM seeks deal with euro-skeptical The Finns

Cameron's Conservatives lead Labour by six points - Ashcroft poll

Kerry: US, allies ready to step up aid to rebels

Immigrant in Italy kills 1 in pickaxe rampage

State broadcaster's end a blow to Greek identity

Infrastructure, front-line services focus in budget

Greece faces slow, jobless recovery next year

Bulgarian center-right wins most of the votes

Karzai says US can have 9 Afghan bases after 2014

Some Nats back me in New England: Windsor

Greece sticks with austerity, seeks debt relief

Cameron's Conservatives suffer in UK local votes

Abbott comment reignites sexism row

New Italian premier urges EU to focus on growth

SKorea's gay film maker in news over wedding plans

Syria says Assad will remain president until 2014

AP Interview: Israel deputy FM proud to be settler

Fighting season is testing ground for Afghan force

Merkel faces attacks over cost of election pledges

Kerry pushes Turkey-Israel rapprochement

India cuts key interest rate to 7.5 percent

Zimbabwe to vote on new constitution

Premier under pressure over secret police tapes

Italy faces political gridlock after crucial elex

Taliban vow to keep targeting Afghan officials

Tunisia PM resigns after cabinet initiative fails

Britain holds scandal-tarred special election

Afghan officials welcome drawdown, others dismayed

Italy's 10 'sages' try to help form government

States answer help wanted ad to be drone test site

Abbott under pressure on gay marriage

State loss a blow to Merkel, but far from decisive

Tunisia Islamists say no new gov't as crisis grows

Obama to visit Israel, first time as president

Israel's Netanyahu hits snags in building team

Weakened Netanyahu likely to remain Israeli leader

New Israeli political star sets lofty expectations

German Election: Live Report

Shhhhhh! German parties appeal to voters' aversion to noise

Italian PM warns of risks in crunch week for Berlusconi

Merkel's fear: pollsters may get it wrong again