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Jailed American, safely back home, hails Cuba shift

Critics, defenders clash over US 'torture report'

NRA: Get 'homicidal maniacs' off streets

Egypt hikes assault on Muslim Brotherhood

NBC pulls Michael J. Fox comeback from Thursday lineup

Last airman in US bombing of Hiroshima dies

Big broadcasters vanquish upstart Aereo at U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. cupcake chain Crumbs may reopen with new owners

Toronto mayoral race puts spotlight on lesser known Ford

Cranston's Warm Emmy Greeting for Louis-Dreyfus

Football's return means big win for NBC

Baby bear found in Central Park was run over

Fill-in refs raising concerns as NFL season looms

Rudd slams NRA gun advert targeting Obama

Billionaire investors square off on live TV

Kane shines as Blackhawks beat Kings to tie series

New Canadian law to make buying sex a crime

Indian media fret as conglomerate buys up major news channel

NBC: Olympics show wide second-screen use

'Pact with Hamas kills peace' - Netanyahu

Three dead, suspect caught in shootings at Kansas Jewish sites

Emmy Host Seth Meyers Pokes Fun at Awards Show

Texas monitors 100 people in US Ebola scare

US journalist with Ebola to arrive in Nebraska

Colorado evacuees return to find more heartbreak

US warns of airline shoe-bomb threat

Media companies benefit from higher network fees

NBC networks to televise EPL next season

NCAA men's basketball title game wins ratings

Egypt leader says public opposes the Brotherhood

Obama to meet Ukrainian PM at White House

Obama says no US military action in Ukraine

Alibaba's Jack Ma: Being richest is 'great pain'

Take two from U2 with film version of album

Bob Marley to live on through top-end marijuana brand

NBC News Crew Unharmed After Kidnapping

Fill-in refs raising concerns as NFL season looms

Hilton shares jump 9% after record hotel IPO

Nasdaq trading halt exposes communication gaps when crisis hits

DERBY LIVE: Orb wins after surging among bettors

Snooty the manatee celebrates 65th birthday

Three killed in US mall shooting

Mikkelsen lends steely star power to Denmark's hunt for Oscar

Herbalife to add 2 Icahn reps to its board

CNBC tries reality TV after business hours

Reality shows make splash as they return to air

Obama wants to crack down on US firms' tax inversions

US to 'stem tide' of child migrants

Obama waits for Congress on Syria rebel aid

White House still seeking coalition in Mideast war

'Comfortable' Bush happy to let history judge