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Syria Kurds advance in heart of Kobane

US 'concern' over reports of IS-linked extremists in Libya

UN announces 12-hour truce in Libya's Benghazi

Military leader becomes Burkina Faso prime minster

Obama telephones Pakistan's Sharif

US drone strike kills six suspected militants in northwest Pakistan

Ukraine death toll rises to more than 4,300 despite ceasefire - U.N.

Burkina Faso: Transitional president inaugurated

Ukraine death toll rises to more than 4,300 despite ceasefire: U.N.

US-led coalition strike against IS targets in and around Kobani

Surge of Russian aircraft seen over Baltic Sea

Myanmar Kachin rebels say 23 cadets killed by army shell

Myanmar students vow protests over education law

Bomber targeted police commander in Afghan volleyball game attack

Jungle-covered Choco at heart of Colombia crisis

Colombia halts peace talks after general is taken

Joseph Kony's rebels sell ivory, minerals: report

Nigerian security vote chaos as police fire teargas

Egypt closes schools in Sinai towns as area inches towards open war

Israeli strike threat 'diplomatic card' against Iran: experts

Iran, US go face-to-face in crunch nuclear talks

Time runs out for Iran nuclear talks

Deadlocked Iran nuclear talks enter cliffhanger final weekend

Iran, world powers seek elusive nuclear deal one day before deadline

Iran nuclear talks hang in the balance

Kerry seeks breakthrough in troubled Iran nuclear talks

World powers discuss extending Iran deal deadline

Crunch final round of Iran nuclear talks

'Concerned' Kerry joins troubled Iran nuclear talks

Deadlocked Iran nuclear talks enter cliffhanger final weekend

Medical tourists flock to Thailand spurring post-coup economy

EU sanctions separatists as Ukraine crisis deepens

Egypt mass protests challenge Islamist president

NKorea may see few buyers despite rocket success

Israeli offensive in Gaza was years in the making

Myanmar government ends direct media censorship

Syrian rebels launch major offensive in Aleppo

AP NewsBreak: Kashmir won't DNA test mass graves

Lull in fighting between Israel, Gaza militants

US drones kill senior Taliban figure in Pakistan

Different challenges in Central African Rep., Mali

Venezuela searches for lost plane with Missoni CEO

Giffords, Kelly launch gun control lobbying effort

NY town defends Remington factory amid new gun ban

What's an assault weapon, anyway? A gun glossary

Analysis: U.S. strike would aim to punish Assad, not turn tide of war

AP Analysis: US-Russia Syria deal props up Assad

Filipino troops retake most rebel-held villages

Obama says it's hard to imagine Syrian war winding down with Assad in power

Life picks up as Filipino troops corner rebels

U.N. inspectors arrive at military hospital in Damascus

With eye on Iran, Israelis seek US action in Syria