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Experts say drone strikes appear in bounds of US law

Obama apologizes for attack that killed two Al Qaeda hostages

U.S. strike inadvertently killed U.S., Italian hostages Obama apologises

U.S. strike inadvertently killed U.S., Italian hostages Obama apologizes

Profiles of 4 killed by drones: aid workers, terror suspects

US lets in Thai fish caught by slaves despite law

US officials start talks on arming Syria's rebels

Review chairman: Clinton didn't make Benghazi call

Holder says he played no role in AP phone subpoena

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Pakistani Taliban withdraw peace talks offer

Afghan police rescued aid workers trapped in siege

Kansas couple: Indoor gardening prompted pot raid

Army general defers plea at hearing on sex charges

US Afghan commander cleared in Petraeus email case

Concern rises over Pakistan plan to halt extremism

FBI nominee says surveillance can be valuable tool

Suspected US drone strike kills 2 in Yemen

Taliban kill 10 foreign climbers, Pakistani guide

Why spy on allies? Even good friends keep secrets

US denies ties with Saudis under strain

US quietly releasing $1.6B in Pakistan assistance

Obama may round out natl. security team next week

Specter of Benghazi drives US-Afghan talks

Congress to investigate Benghazi 'talking points'

Missing American in Iran was on unapproved mission

Benghazi attack was preventable, Senate panel says

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Obama's Iraq aim: contain, not destroy, extremists

Fog of war in Benghazi hampered military response

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Cyber security after Snowden

Obama, Republicans, trade fire over minimum wage, Benghazi

Dems undecided on taking part in Benghazi panel

Who are the 'terrorists' the world needs to fight?

Diplomatic push grows against Islamic State group

Putin foe faces threat of jail in new trial

Report on CIA interrogations shadows Gitmo trials

CIA chief John Brennan defends post 9/11 tactics

CIA director to overhaul spy agency

Jeb Bush addresses family legacy: 'I'm my own man'

West accuses Iran of nuclear defiance, deception

Holder defends subpoenas for AP telephone records

Reaction cool to US arms plan for Syrian rebels