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Deployment of Patriots to Turkey could take weeks

Russia welcomes any offer to give Assad refuge

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U.N. fails to break Syria deadlock

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Syria's Assad 'more confident than ever': analysts

Correction: Syria story

UN says Syria chemical deadline still possible

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Syria misses deadline to remove chemical weapons

US ship heads out to destroy Syrian chemical weapons

UN envoy in Syria as fighting hinders chemical experts

Destroying chemical arms outside Syria 'most viable option'

US looks to allies to destroy Syrian chemical arms

Kerry in UAE to discuss Iran, Syria

Chemical watchdog urges truces so Syria can disarm

Syria air raids on rebels 'kill 30'

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Assad: Syria will respect weapons accords

Syrian army reopens key road to Aleppo

Its a good beginning-Kerry on Syrian weapon destruction

France, Britain confirm use of sarin gas in Syria

Assad gaining ground in Syrian civil war

No EU nation candidate to destroy Syria gas

Syria and rebels trade chemical weapons charges

US says Syria 'dragging its feet' on chemical weapons

US says Syria must comply with chemical arms deal

Syria vows chemical disarmament despite missed deadlines

Libya's last chemical weapons destroyed

US ship begins destroying Syrian chemical weapons

Western intel suggests Syria can still produce chemical arms

Syria conflict renders weapons sites inaccessible

Eighty percent of Syrian chemical weapons shipped out - monitors

Syrian state media say army killed 175 rebels

Syria has relinquished about a third of its chemical weapons: OPCW

Obama faces options in Iraq and Syria

US hid troop exposure to chemical agents in Iraq - report

Israel reports 'direct hits' on Syrian target

The Dutch 'Iron Lady' destroying Syria's chemicals

Last dangerous chemicals shipped from Syria: watchdog

Syria video shows chlorine gas floating in streets - activists

France says Syria chlorine gas samples may be inconclusive

Syria still has chemicals for 'many nerve gas attacks': Britain

Atleast 60 killed in Syria, watchdog to probe chlorine claims

Exclusive - Syria submits more 'detailed' list of chemical weapons

Syria troops retake Christian town of Maalula

UK blames Assad regime after watchdog documents chlorine attacks

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