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After attacks, security tight for Iraqi pilgrimage

Iraqis go to polls for first time since US pullout

Wave of bombings, attacks in Iraq kill at least 67

Iraqi Kurdish leader vows to defend Kurds in Syria

Iraq seeks help from US amid growing violence

Wave of car bombings in Iraq kills at least 58

Coordinated attack in Iraq kills 7 policemen

Iraq's fugitive VP convicted as attacks kill 92

Wave of attacks in Iraqi capital kills at least 24

Car bombs, clashes kill 21 civilians in Iraq

Iraq attacks on Shiite pilgrims kill 16

Baghdad blasts kill at least 10, wound dozens

Iraq turns to Sunni tribes, but distrust remains

Obama wooing skeptical allies in offensive against Islamic State

Kurdish leader cites 'new reality' in Iraq

Iraq Abu Ghraib prison closure not permanent

Bombings kill nine people in Iraqi capital

US warns air strikes alone cannot save Kobane from ISIS

Battle with IS kills senior Kurdish general, 8 of his troops

Iraqi forces drive Islamic State out of central Tikrit: PM

Iraqi PM visits Kurdish north, hoping to mend ties

Bombings kill 8 in Iraq

UN says thousands of Syrians fleeing to Iraq

Wave of bombings kills 25 across Iraq

Militants take Iraq army camp as bombs hit Baghdad

Muslims mark end of Ramadan with Eid celebrations

A nation in peril: Iraq's struggle to hold together

Islamic State torches oil field near Tikrit as militia advance

Top Iraqi militant leader killed by Iraqi forces

Iraq instability tested further with bombing wave

Syria, Iran say Assad to remain in power till 2014

48 Syrian soldiers killed in Iraq ambush

Bombs tear through Iraqi capital, killing over 60

Series of attacks kill 51 people across Iraq

Baghdad car bombs, other Iraq attacks kill 46

Iraq holding off on an offensive against al-Qaida

Explosions rock Iraqi capital, killing at least 34

Syria sectarian divide turns to fear and flight

Militants post photos of mass killing in Iraq

Syria Kurds weather IS assault as they await reinforcements

As Baghdad lifts curfew, bombs are reminder of country at war

Iraqi forces drive Islamic State out of central Tikrit

Gunmen open fire on liquor stores in Iraq, 11 dead

Series of bomb attacks in Iraq kill at least 42

Officials: Separate attacks in Iraq kill 4

Iraq: Wave of car, suicide blasts kill at least 61

Bombs in Baghdad, other Iraq attacks kill 45

Wave of bombings, shootings kill 38 in Iraq

Bombs, shootings kill 13 in Iraq

Iraq: New protests break out in Sunni stronghold

Iraq insurgents seize oilfields, hit air base as US advisers arrive

Volunteers help Iraqi forces slow ISIL advance in Samarra

Iraq premier says France to join airstrikes effort

Iraq scrambles to fight polio surge amid conflict

Militias rule the day in strife-torn Middle East

Worried Iraqi capital sees militant push around it

US-led airstrikes hit Islamic State near Turkey

Displaced Iraqis get different levels of aid

Baghdad's decade-old curfew to end on Saturday, Iraq's PM says

Ahead of curfew ending, bombs kill 40 in Iraq's capital

Series of bombings in Baghdad area kill dozens

Bombings, clashes kill 19 in Iraq wave of violence

Iraq increasingly drawn into Syrian battlefield

Iraq hit by wave of bomb attacks, killing dozens

In northern Iraqi city, al-Qaida gathers strength

Hatred between Sunnis, Shiites abounds in Mideast

Alarm grows as Iraqi forces fail to stem violence

Deadly attacks in Iraq since US troop pullout

Top Iraq Kurdish party wins local legislature vote