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Dairy cow dead from cattle tick fever

Australian management of bovine Johne's disease under review

New Brazil ag minister bats down anti-environment reputation

Fueled by oil, agriculture sector welcomes low diesel prices

German anti-Islam leader steps down after posing like Hitler

Dwindling group of survivors to mark Auschwitz 70 years on

Chicano movement leader Reies Lopez Tijerina dies at 88

Houthi gunmen replace guards outside Yemen president's home

California alert after Disneyland measles outbreak

Houthis, accused of coup, surround Yemeni PM's residence

Ukraine says Russian troops cross border near battle for airport

UN urges immediate application of South Sudan unity deal

Shiite rebels, Yemen's president reach deal to end standoff

Turkey's Erdogan seeks closure of Gulen-linked schools in Africa

Ukraine, rebels both claim to control Donetsk airport

'American Sniper' makes box office history

France takes battle against radical Islam into schools

Fla. boy's circumcision spurs lengthy legal battle, protests

Yemen's Shiite rebels try to avoid overstepping amid protest

Yemen president quits, throwing country deeper into chaos

Four years after Egypt revolt, jails clogged with activists

UN condemns Shiite militia attack on Yemen presidential palace

Deadly Israeli strike deals painful blow to Hezbollah, Iran

Former Whitlam minister and deputy Labor leader Tom Uren dies aged 93

Li’s Special Feeling Is Thrill of a Well-Timed Bet: Opening Line

Mayor struggles with BJD cattle 'lockdown'

Since 9/11, life _ and surveillance _ made easier

Growing number of Australian farmers take to social media to defend their...

In Mexico, self-defense squads battle violence

Unions back PM ahead of final sittings

Minister not discouraged by new BJD case

Cattle producers caught by costly export delay

Egypt's draft charter gets 'yes' majority in vote

Remote technology trialled on northern cattle

Obama says Mandela 'moved a nation toward justice'

Fukushima cowboy fights orders to kill radioactive cattle

Brinkworth mob moves out of north-west NSW

Glance at Mandela's co-defendants in Rivonia trial

Special Report - Lost hooves, dead cattle before Merck halted Zilmax sales

Report: Nevada ranch battle spurs radical right

Mexico vigilantes urge more 'self-defense' groups

New ideas at arid zone cattle forum

There was cattle movement in Queensland...

Territory buying cattle from drought-stricken Queensland

Live cattle: Northern Territory stations changing hands as fallout from...

Indian villages fear man-eating tiger on the prowl

Japan expands army footprint for first time in 40 years

Large scale land clearing in Queensland

Rural property values 'a mixed bag'

Regulations updated to include bison Johne's disease

USDA suspends some ag reports due to budget cuts

Commander encouraged by anti-Taliban uprising

Colleges, theaters to create new Civil War plays

FDA names new head of tobacco products center

Whaling conflict heats up near Antarctica

Spurs' Ginobili 'feeling good' day after Game 1

Willem-Alexander, from Prince Pils to Dutch king

South Africa: fight over rhino poaching escalates

Syrian opposition takes seat at Arab summit

'Makers' shows women's place is in US history

US general: Taliban likely to be long-term threat

Taliban attack kills 13 Afghan soldiers

Few protests on 2nd anniversary of Syrian uprising

Villagers say Rwandan troops crossed into Congo

The Dirty Game: Crime Gangs Prey on Soccer

Syrian rebels preparing for advance on capital