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Kabul bomb

Suicide car bomb targets foreigners' compound in Kabul

Bomb blast near Egypt train station

Feds: Don't free Arab activist who hid bomb role

Man arrested following incident involving bomb squad at Barwon Prison

Suicide car bomb kills four in Iraqi Kurdish capital

Nigerian court strikes out charges against Abuja bomb suspect

West not expected to demand Iran atom bomb 'mea culpa' in deal

West not expected to demand Iran atom bomb "mea culpa" in deal

Five police wounded in Cairo blast

Officials say car bomb kills 7 people in Iraq

Suicide car bomb hits Iraqi Kurdish capital

Two US soldiers killed in Kabul bombing: officials

Afghan bombings kill 2 NATO troops, 6 civilians

Bomb squad destroys suspicious package in Fremantle Prison

Iraq to overhaul Baghdad security to stop bombings

Double female suicide bomb attacks kill 45 in Nigeria

Tsarnaev lawyers lose bid for info in '11 slayings

Bomb squad police investigate Bogan Gate explosion

Suicide car bomb kills five in Iraqi Kurdish capital

Suicide car bomb kills 5 in Iraqi Kurdish capital

Egypt arrests senior Muslim Brotherhood member

Australia involed in air raid, hunt for IS fighter

IAEA chief says Iran not providing explanations on nuclear claims

Syrian air force strikes increasing, civilians killed: monitoring group

Suicide attackers target foreign compound in Kabul

Echoes of a once famed nightlife in Syria's ravaged Aleppo

FBI arrests two would-be Ferguson bomb suspects: law enforcement source

Nigeria: 2 female bombers kill 30 in Maiduguri

Pakistan centre to help traumatized journalists, but stigma attached

Mosque raids provoke clashes in Kenya's Mombasa port

India hands dossier to Bangladesh on terror plots

IOC condemns suicide bomb at volleyball tournament

Iran still stalling as nuclear deadline looms - U.N. agency

Iran still stalling as nuclear deadline looms: U.N. agency

Communities at risk because crucial water-bombing helicopters not...