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German factory orders down more than expected in January

Workers protest at Broadbeach as part of nationwide rallies

Activist calls Nemtsov murder 'blow to Russia's future'

Lesotho votes in bid to overcome tension

Libya's Haftar appointed army chief for recognized government

Dallas-area ice forces cancellation of nearly 1,000 flights

Consumers drive UK economy in third quarter despite weak incomes

Yemen's Hadi says Saleh conspired with Iran to undermine power transfer...

Libya's Haftar appointed army chief for recognised government

Tourism thrives in Malaysia despite association with tragedy

Southwest gets snow California also getting rain

Investigation of politicians sought in Brazil graft scandal

Zimbabwe's Mugabe to celebrate 91st birthday

Mass anti-immigrant rallies in Rome

Prince William calls for end to ivory trade on China visit

China parliament to debate painful reforms as economy slows

UK government pledges more powers for Wales as devolution debate rumbles on

NYC mayor to skip St. Patrick's parade over policy on gays

Official says China to boost military budget by 10 percent

Brazil judge orders deportation of Cesare Battisti

Egyptians race to expand Suez Canal, hoping for trade surge

Lights, camera, blossom! Disney films inspire floral fantasy

Britain's would-be finance ministers sum up stark choice for voters

MLS minimum: Playing for $36,500 with millionaire teammates

US stocks fall broadly a day after Nasdaq passes 5,000 mark

China parliament to juggle reform drive and slower growth

Brazil: Inquiry sought for politicians in graft scandal

Mexican police grab latest Zetas leader in wealthy suburb

Field of dreams: Championship coaches tell of small-town starts

Union backing elusive as Garcia seeks to unseat Chicago Mayor Emanuel

Amid crisis, Venezuelans remember Chavez 2 years after death

Largest US banks all pass latest round of Fed 'stress tests'

Court upholds British challenge to ECB policy on clearing houses

Jeff Gordon takes a final spin at track that meant so much

Greece poised for recession as uncertainty takes its toll

Iraq battles to rebuild despite war and oil slump

New Malaysia Airlines CEO a "battle hardened" veteran

Alien abduction? Stolen by Russia? MH370 theories keep coming

Bid for more US defense funds gets chilly House reception

Complex logistics await Lippo's e-commerce push in archipelago Indonesia

Construction picks back up, but it's a different gig now

Exclusive: Huawei plans big push to sell its phones, wearable devices in...

Exclusive - Huawei plans big push to sell its phones, wearable devices in...

Afghan army takes on Taliban in first solo offensive

Rise of pragmatic Arab politician shakes up Israeli politics

New play brings Supreme Court Justice Scalia to the stage

Mexican police capture top cartel capo 'La Tuta' Gomez

Despite Greece, euro zone is turning the corner

Haitians' 'Brazilian dream' sours as work hard to find

Insight: From eastern flank, Iran-backed force advances on Tikrit

Alien abduction? Stolen by Russia? MH370 theories keep coming

Fighting in eastern Ukraine displaces Donetsk's soccer team

McDonald's USA to phase out human antibiotics from chicken supply

Eurozone showing signs of economic momentum

Insight - From eastern flank, Iran-backed force advances on Tikrit

China signals 'new normal' with higher spending, lower growth target

Mexico drug lord captures change but don't lower trafficking

How Jeb Bush's big bet on Florida economy may come back to haunt him